​​​​Vedic Astrological Outlook: August 2021

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August 2021:

Mars and Saturn Separate and both gain strength this month: Time to Shed Incongruent Past Habits & Change Life Direction

               Within 12 hours of writing this newsletter, I stepped outside my house and found an obvious large snake skin that had just been shed, up against the wall of the house.  This is unusual, as I had not witnessed this before at this location.   I live high up in the mountains in a forested area, so snakes are common, but not shedding of the skin.   In Vedic Astrology, there is a branch known as “nimitta” which refers to paying attention to omens.  During my sessions with clients, I always pay attention to omens that may take place, as they provide accurate clues as to what is going on behind the scene for a given client and omens are also useful for prediction.  

               I had already written this newsletter last night, but I wanted a bit more time to edit before sending it to you.  By waiting until this morning, this omen took place to reinforce the information.   Shedding a skin, refers to letting go of the old, that no longer fits, and allowing the new self to unfold and emerge.  When a snake sheds its skin, it is apparently a difficult, uncomfortable, slow process for the snake as it has to force the skin to come off completely.  Underneath, is a completely newly formed skin that fits the size that the snake has now grown into.  What a perfect omen, for this newsletter!    As humans, we should be shedding our old, outdated habits and directions and redirecting our lives to fit with our current mental state and level of understanding.

     Now that Mars has moved into Leo and will transit there until 9/16,  Mars gains strength and is no longer debilitated and aspected by Saturn is it was during June and most of July.  Conversely, Saturn is no longer receiving the harsh aspect of Mars.   Both Mars and Saturn are now in strong positions concurrently, which bodes well for making progress with your life, getting things completed and persevering.  Both Mars and Saturn are planets of action.  Mars is the planet indicating our motivation, desire and willingness to pursue goals.  Saturn is the planet of commitment, perseverance and organization.  With both planets strong this month, it is a great time to pursue your goals and desires with more effort, diligence and zeal. 

     Saturn is the planet governing time.  Time keeps moving, ticking away, and the years appear to go by more rapidly with age.   One of the great benefits of understanding Vedic Astrology, is that it provides an organized system for examining your life orientation and how you can develop and change over the lifetime, with awareness and effort.   When Saturn and Mars are both strong, it shows the ability to persevere over the long haul and possessing the drive and motivation to push through barriers and obstacles along the way.  We are reminded with strong Mars and Saturn in force this month, to act on our desires, goals, hopes and dreams, and to make a commitment to persevere and stick with it, in the material world.  In other words, move from thinking, hoping and dreaming to “doing.”

     This is a great month to look inside and ask yourself: “Am I living the life I want to live?”  “Am I just buying time, waiting for things to change?”  “Am I waiting until I (fill in the blank)--- get older, retire, get wealthier, healthier, more established, etc. until I pursue that goal or desire?”  The problem with continuing to wait, is that time walks on by and then for various reasons, it’s too late.  The time is “now.”   Like the snake, who naturally sheds his skin that no longer fits and is too tight, we should do the same.

      I am reminded of a simple observation when I was a child:  I used to visit some older relatives with my family and noticed that their furniture and lamps were always covered in a thick, dense plastic protective covering, presumably to keep them clean and in new condition.  Yet, the plastic was ugly, uncomfortable and acted as a barrier from sinking in and enjoying the furniture that they purchased to “use.”   This act was symbolic for waiting and putting their life on hold.    It was as if they were waiting for just the right time to finally break off the plastic and really enjoy the furniture.  When is the right time?  When they get older or retire?  They were already old and retired.   When they die, their furniture will be just perfect, with the plastic wrapped all around it, having sat there mostly unused and not fully enjoyed.    They won’t be buried or cremated with it when they leave their bodies.  They probably thought they had many years left to eventually take off the plastic, or maybe they thought that they would never take it off (never progress).   It stuck with me.  The choice is to either be open to change or remain stagnant in the way you live your life.

     Time ticks away…and Mars and Saturn are here showing us not to wait forever.    I’m not only referring to pleasures and enjoyment, but also to making the decision to work even harder at something of value or meaningful to you, to pursue it fully, to direct how you use your time, to make a major life change or transition that you know is necessarily right for you—like the snake shedding its old skin.  There are consequences for waiting too long to act and taking charge of your life.  No one is going to ring a bell, take your hand and tell you it’s the right choice or the right time.  Only you can do that.

    This is the month (with strong Saturn in Shravana and strong Mars)  to take the steps necessary to get your life in better order. My father used to say, “excuses are a dime a dozen.”   Step up to the plate and make the effort necessary to advance your projects, goals and desires during August, no matter how mundane and small or major and profound.  Strong Mars is fearless, driven and ambitious, while strong Saturn is committed, organized, timely and hard-working.   That’s a combination for making progress, experiencing results and for eventual success.  It’s not easy to completely shed your skin, but it is necessary at certain times in your life.

The Sun transits to its own sign of Leo and joins with Mars:

               While Mars is transiting strong in Leo and is joined with the benefic Venus, and aspected by the benefic Jupiter, the Sun will also enter Leo on 8/16, as it does yearly, and will transit there until 9/16.   Both Mars and the Sun are particularly strong during this August and this bodes well for improving confidence and leadership, particularly in the U.S., since the Sun and Mars are transiting through the 9th house during the last half of August.  It is strong for authority, taking charge, leadership roles, getting work done and being more public. 

               Mars gains even more energy in August as nothing is blocking its energy from expression.  This is also indicative for heating things up in a big way, as Mars and the Sun are hot planets transiting through the friendly “fire” sign of Leo.  While Mars is in Magha nakshatra (until 8/10), this can heat up the housing market to extremes even more, since strong planets in Magha are often good for promoting real estate ventures.   Then Mars moves into Purva Phalguni nakshatra until 8/31, which strengthens financials, especially with Jupiter aspecting Mars and the Sun.  In the U.S. chart, Mars happens to rule the native 5th house which governs the U.S. stock market, and Leo is the 5th sign.  Perhaps the various stock market indices are over-heating during August (getting too hot for their own comfort)?

               With so much planetary energy in the fire sign of Leo, the climactic atmosphere is also likely to heat up, increasing the likelihood of worsening drought conditions, expansive wild fires and extreme temperatures that we have already been experiencing in many parts of the U.S. and in other countries.  With extreme hot air temperatures, there is a greater likelihood for the oceans to warm up to higher than normal temperatures and this is fuel for strong hurricane and tropical storm formation, in general.  This is likely to increase and become more severe during August and September.

Mercury gains strength in late August and Venus benefits:

               While Mercury is transiting with Mars in Leo, expect more irritability, sharper, abrupt, critical, condescending and derogatory communications in the atmosphere between 8/8 – 8/25.

               Then on 8/26, Mercury moves to its strong exalted sign of Virgo and transits there until 9/21. Part of that time, Mercury will also transit with debilitated Venus in Virgo, which transits there between 8/11 – 9/5. Mercury gains great strength transiting in this position.   When strong Mercury transits through Uttara Phalguni nakshatra (symbolized by the “healing cot”), between 8/23 – 9/2 (while in Leo and in Virgo) there is likely to be some helpful medical information or research findings that are released to the public, and perhaps improvements with treatments against the Coronavirus variants will become more widely available.  FDA final approval for vaccines is likely to be announced during this period as well. 

               During the period between 8/11 – 9/5, Venus will transit through its debilitated sign of Venus, which weakens its expression.  During the first two weeks of the Venus transit in Virgo, relationship conflicts are bound to arise, reflecting more criticism, judgment and discord interpersonally.  However, when exalted Mercury joins with Venus in Virgo, after 8/26, then Venus gains strength from its association with a strong friend in Mercury.  This is a brief period (8/26 – 9/5) for improvements and resolving relationship conflicts or issues that have been brewing.  It is also excellent for creative endeavors and improved communications. 

               While Mercury is exalted, this is an excellent time for organizational, administrative activities and all types of analytical evaluations and diagnostics.   This is likely to be a good time for upgrading equipment, computers and advancing communication and technological interests.  Communications should be more precise, clear, organized and methodical during this strong Mercury transit, going into September.