Commentary on the U.S. Chart for the Presidential Inauguration of Donald Trump:  

Wednesday, January 20, 2017, 12:00 P.M. EST, Washington, DC

    The inauguration chart shows us a window into the “start” of the new president’s tenure. The traditional time given for the presidential inauguration is 12 noon, so the chart was calculated for this date and time.    

 The chart is mixed, with strengths & weaknesses as described below.  The event and the presidency itself, gets off to a tenuous, slow start, but then improves later in the year.  The chart conveys Aries (pioneering, new beginnings) Lagna in Bharani nakshatra, which refers to the ending and sloughing off of that which is no longer useful (as in menstruation). In this case we can think of it as a time of letting go of the old leadership and making room for what is to come with the new leadership.  Bharani is also a nakshatra of judgment and fighting for a cause or purpose.  Bharani is a nakshatra of judges & lawyers.  The Lagna & its nakshatra of any chart shows the entire orientation of the individual or event in a nutshell.  So, Trump’s orientation will be to get rid of the old and bring in the new “life” or take the country in a new direction/orientation, as this is the energy of Bharani on the Ascendant.   He will be a pioneer.

 On this date, Mars, the Lagnesh, is in the difficult 12th house, at the weak zero degree of Pisces.  Fortunately, Mars receives the beneficial aspect of Jupiter, which helps to protect the event, his presidency, and offer some support if things go wrong at the start.  The chart indicates the possibility for some type of disruption to take place at the beginning of the event, causing a delay or slow start.  This also indicates that Trump comes into a problematic situation left for him, especially involving foreigners and foreign countries (which is ruled by the 12th house of the chart, where Mars is placed).

The fact that Mars’ transit is weak on this date, indicates that he will not be as visible, energetic, or prominent in public, contrary to what would be expected.  So, contrary to our expectations, in the early days of his presidency, we might be left in the dark as to his plans or future actions.  There will be more going on in private than is publicly known.  With Jupiter’s aspect, the event will go on and he will make progress. 

    On this day, the Moon is in the prominent 7th house of Libra, which suggests the desire for harmony, celebrating, socializing and it brings the strong desire to negotiate.  However, also on this date, the waning (dark phase) Moon is in the 9th tithi (rikta), giving an aggressive nature and ruled by Saturn.  The Moon is in Swati nakshatra, which underscores getting off to a tenuous start.  Swati is an independent and unconventional nakshatra (ruled by Rahu), suggesting that Trump will be just that, as he goes his own way, yet acts cordial, social and open-minded. Trump’s natal Scorpio Jyeshtha Moon is also in charge, unconventional, secretive and independent in nature.

This inauguration day Moon is prominent in an angular house, conferring public recognition, but not in a particularly favorable light.  The Moon receives malefic aspects from both Mars & Ketu, showing impatience, impulsiveness, restlessness, dissatisfaction and overall discomfort in the atmosphere.  The Moon forms Shakata yoga, which brings uncertainty and instability.   The tara bala (relationship b/w his natal Moon and the Moon’s position at noon) is negative (vadha), destructive, and can potentially be dangerous to his health & well being.   Note the Moon is in the 12th house from his Moon. So, in general this is not a favorable day for him.  The demands of the presidency itself will likely shorten his life span, if not age him significantly.

In this event chart, the late 29th degree Saturn is in the 8th house, and Saturn rules the 10thhouse (the president’s position).  This configuration shows the transition of power, the end of Obama’s presidency (his influence as a leader).  

        On the positive side, great benefic Jupiter is aspecting the Lagnesh Mars, and the Sun (the leader).  This shows that the president is protected and overcomes the obstacles in front of him, even if it takes him longer to achieve his goals.  The Sun in the important 10th house is one of the best positions, especially for a president or CEO, and it is in Capricorn, Uttara Ashadha nakshatra which gives a “later victory.”   The Sun’s placement in the 10th house nicely aspected, bodes well for the country to gain wealth and grow under strong leadership.    

The strong Sun in Capricorn is outstanding for business and job growth, achieving goals, working hard and being deliberate and serious about making progress.  But, it will likely be a slower start, with some obstacles slowing things down in the early stages of his presidency.  Eventually there will be gains and victories.  

    These main indications in this inauguration chart show us the course for Trump, especially as he begins the first year of his presidency.  Over time, there will be improvement and progress in the country with significant changes, but it appears to be a tenuous and uncertain start in 2017.  It will take more time than is expected to get rid of the old and bring in the new.  

US Inauguration 2017