"Although I've had a lot of astrological consultations before, you gave me many new insights and timely advice that focused me on the need to make some changes in my life.  The mantra you gave me has been especially helpful.  Since talking to you, I've made a complete turnaround;  I was 100% sedentary before and having many physical problems because of it.  Now I've joined a gym and am getting regular exercise;  it feels great, the pain+stiffness are gone, and my mind is clearer.  Your advice and the mantra you gave me were the primary reason for this change...  I would like to humbly thank you so much for all your advice and insights, and for helping turn around my life."
- R.B., Minneapolis, MN  September 2014

“I can not thank you enough for your reading and guidance you gave me.  When I consulted you, I was working as a massage therapist wanting to get out of that field, but didn’t see any possibilities.  You told me to apply for a management position….. Well, you were right!  I just got a job to manage not one but two spas!!  It’s like a miracle happened!  I am immensely thankful for your guidance!"
- Marcia Welsh  April 2011

“I want to thank you for your advice and guidance in our astrological readings.   We have endured a number of others who have attempted to read our charts, but your counsel has been the most relevant, poignant, and insightful….I am truly astonished how right on the money you were about us…I have recommended you to anyone and everyone I can.  You do great work."
- Raio Krishnayya   September 2009

“I finally had a chance to sit with my daughter to listen to the astrological reading you did for her.  David, she was just amazed – and I quote: “Mom, he knows me better than I know myself!” She really listened to what you had to say to her. It had a lot of impact.  Thanks for all of your help, David.  Sat Nam & may the Force stay with you!"
- Lola Scarborough, Yoga Lola Studios, LLC  May 2008                           
"Our grandson, Bailey, was delivered yesterday by caesarean, exactly at 10:22 A.M.  To our amazement, the entire OR team became totally dedicated to having that baby take his first breath at exactly the time you recommended. The timing was so precise that the surgeon's nurse announced, "you've got 30 seconds," as the cue for the surgeon to lift the baby out.  They managed to deliver the baby on the dot!  Who would have guessed that mainstream medical personnel at a major medical center would be so willing to juggle the operating room schedule for astrological purposes?  EVERYTHING WENT PERFECTLY-- IN FACT, I DON'T KNOW HOW THE SURGERY AND THE BIRTH COULD HAVE GONE ANY BETTER!  Of course, our gratitude to you for your help and guidance knows no bounds."
- Emma Davenport, San Antonio, Texas (January 2007)

"Just as a follow-up, Bailey is now 1 year old, and he is as great a blessing as any parent could wish for.  Meredith (mother) feels strongly that you played an important part in Bailey's very fortunate start in life.  After listening again to the readings you did for both of their children, she commented to me that she could see turning to you  regularly for chart analysis for the rest of their lives!"
-- Emma Davenport, San Antonio, Texas  (May 2008)

“David Goldstein is one of the very few astrologers I have met who is BOTH highly intuitive and meticulous with astrological technique.  He is a serious astrologer, diligent, careful and gifted in his craft.  I recommend him highly.”
- James Braha (2008),  Sarasota, FL  (Writer and Vedic Astrologer)

“My house was listed exactly as you instructed, down to every detail.  Within 3 days of listing the house, we received an offer from the second or third person who looked at it.  We received a formal offer to buy our house and had a contract signed for 97% of the asking price, even in this rough housing market!....Thank you again for your help.”
- Elizabeth Phillips  (March 2008), Houston, Texas

"Your prediction regarding my son's eyesight was right on the money. We went to the pediatric eye doctor and yes, he does have myopia....Also, I have to add that my wife was very happy with her reading.  She had a reading with a famous astrologer and he was nowhere as intuitive as you were (her words and I agree)....  It is truly heartening to see non-Indians like yourself embrace and excel in Vedic Astrology.  Just goes to prove that knowledge and grace have no bounds and that the Vedas are truly universal teachings."
- M. Chandran, Engineer, Phoenix, Arizona
"I've had many insightful readings with Dr. Goldstein over the years and he has proven to be quite on target.  I would like to say his talent is a true gift.  His readings have become a guiding light for me, for things to watch for, the areas to devote my life efforts, and things to take full advantage of.  What more can one ask of an astrologer? Thank you."
- Fran Ray   Stratford, Connecticut
"The readings my wife and I have had were astonishingly accurate.  My wife has recommended Dr. Goldstein to many of her friends."  
- M.K., Attorney, South Florida
"David's Vedic readings have been very meaningful for me because they have helped me see larger patterns in my life instead of focusing on smaller incidents.  He's helped me through difficult periods by allowing me to see that the time period was finite.  I've also been able to make the most of more favorable time periods.  His readings are clear, specific and very accurate.  He makes information accessible, regardless of one's knowledge of Vedic Astrology. His readings are treasures that I learn from every time I listen to the tape."
- Judy Sanders, Ed.D.,  College Professor, Austin, Texas

"I have been a student of Astrology for many years. Recently, I came across Dr. Goldstein's website and decided to have a reading with him.  This was the most insightful and enlightening experience I've ever had with an Astrologer!  I was so impressed that I immediately ordered one for my husband and my child.

The same health patterns show up in my 7 year old's chart as in mine, even though he is adopted.  With this new awareness, I intend to have his thyroid checked and not have him go through the mental anguish I did.  My son and I have similar money patterns...I wish someone had taught me about money the way I intend to teach my child with this new found information.

I'm excited about Vedic Astrology and look forward to working with Dr. Goldstein again in the future."
- Lisa Brown, Massage Therapist,  Athens, Tennessee
"I am fortunate to have experienced various readings with Dr. Goldstein throughout the years.  His keen knowledge of Vedic Astrology coupled with his incisive ability to interpret my chart has offered me the opportunity to understand the direction in which my life is headed, yearly trends, areas in which to focus and concentrate and areas that will give me the greatest benefits.

The valuable information that I have gained from his readings has allowed me to make more informed decisions with greater clarity and more wisdom.   Dr. Goldstein's readings are informative, enlightening and exceptionally accurate!"
- L.E.H., Ft.Lauderdale, Florida

"Thank you so much for the report.  I have to say it is the best report I've ever had done (it is my first Vedic, but have had numerous professionals do my western chart).  It truly did stimulate me.  I also feel like I have another deeper "layer" to myself that has just been unearthed and brought to conscious awareness.  The way you made connections between planets in relation to the events was really well done.  There is so much in it that I found valuable.  I can't thank you enough.... I am sure to request additional reports in the future."
- Jason
"I am writing to simply tell you that I remain in constant awe of how accurate and true our last consultation is playing out.  As a matter of fact, there are often times when I am not consciously aware of certain dates-- and a change will occur.  I then look back at my notes from our consultation, and the timing is almost exact to the dates you have specified.

Had you not spoken with me specifically about my relationship-- it could have certainly taken a much worse turn over the past several months.  The fact that I had knowledge enough to detach from the situation, manage myself and understand that this is one phase-- has made all the difference in the way I have handled it.  This is just one of many points of reference you provided.... Thanks!"
- J.M., Austin, Texas
"You were right on all accounts.  Last year during my consult, you stated that my husband would not keep his business.  I really did not think that would ever happen.  However, it did and you were exactly correct with your prediction.  The deal closed yesterday at 6 PM.  The money is in the bank.  You also said it would get resolved in the fall.  That's exactly when it resolved.  Thank you for your consultations.  It gave me peace of mind to hang in there!"
- P.L.,  South Florida

"I had truly amazing results with Dr. Goldstein's muhurta chart which he set up for me to sell my house with a realtor.   The house sold within one week after the sign went up, based on his timing.  On the first day that my house was listed publicly, the realtor held an open house. The first couple that walked in actually bought my house.  We had a signed contract within one week.  During that week, we also had several competitive offers on the house.  Needless to say, we got an optimal price for the house!  He did another chart for the closing date and it went off beautifully!    I can't thank you enough for this effort."
- Julie Marx, Hollywood, Florida