United States of America: Outlook & Predictions for the Years 2021 - 2023

     Those who follow my writings may recall that the U.S.A. began its Rahu mahadasha back on October 1, 2015 and this period ushered in a major change in orientation, focus and attitudes for the country as a whole.

      It helps to understand the nature of “Rahu” in order to appreciate the full context of what the country will continue to experience during the full 18 years of this major planetary cycle.  The Rahu mahadasha continues until October 1, 2033.  Recall that there are a total of 9 sub-cycles (bhuktis) within the 18-year span of Rahu.  These sub-cycles fine-tune the direction and outcomes that are expected to manifest during any given year.  This is true for individuals as well as entire countries.  The U.S.A. entered the third sub-cycle of Rahu, that of Rahu/Saturn on 11-6-2020, and it continues until 9-12-2023, when the U.S. will then enter Rahu/Mercury.

 (As a point of reference, for the U.S.A. birth chart, 7-4-1776, 18:30, Philadelphia, PA, James Kelleher’s time rectification for the USA chart is employed)

     Rahu mahadasha is a period of many changes, ups and downs, taking new, unconventional and transformational routes in many domains for the U.S.A. during this 18-year period.  Rahu tends to take an unconventional, unique and individualistic approach.  Therefore, during Rahu mahadasha we will experience numerous changes in the country’s approach to solving problems, it’s values and orientation.  This has been taking place since the U.S. entered Rahu in late 2015.  Rahu tends to take situations to extremes and generally does not know when to stop. Hence, we’ve witnessed the rise of “extremism” from the right and the left politically.  Rahu is also associated with a “mob mentality”, anarchy and ignoring the laws and customs of a society. Rahu is also connected to epidemics and pandemics.  Ketu (its opposite) is associated with hard to diagnose diseases, that escape detection.  

    Since Rahu and Ketu are involved in eclipses (darkening of the two luminaries, the Sun and the Moon---consciousness), there is a lack of “vision” or awareness that is associated with Rahu.  There’s a desire to seek the “light,” and to get out of the darkness, and in so doing, Rahu can take a person to extremes and obsessiveness, to the point where the end result never seems good enough or satisfactory.   Balanced and reasonable judgment are often missing under Rahu’s influence.

   On the other hand, Rahu can also usher in novel, unique and powerful breakthroughs, especially in science, technology, engineering and medicine.  Rahu goes where no one else has gone before and breaks barriers, as it wants to be set free from traditional, rigid approaches to situations.  The problem is that its tendency for extremism, and breaking boundaries for the sake of it, can be problematic as well.  At its extreme and devious edges, Rahu is symbolic of lawlessness, destructiveness, ignorance and psychotic, delusional thinking patterns.  The U.S. has completed over the first 5 years of the Rahu cycle at this point in time, and it is obvious by now how Rahu has actually manifested for better or worse in the country.

     As of 11-6-2-2020, the U.S. entered the Rahu/SATURN cycle which lasts until 9-12-2023.  At this time, the U.S. is under the influence of both Rahu and Saturn simultaneously.  The shift into Rahu/Saturn took place right near the U.S. presidential election which was on November 3rd.  Saturn’s bhukti ushered in a new approach to governing, especially since Saturn is placed in the prominent 10th house of the U.S. chart, which is the house of the government and the presidency. The U.S. left Rahu/Jupiter and entered Rahu/Saturn at that moment in time.

     With Saturn’s sub-period in force under the influence of Rahu’s mahadasha, the U.S. experiences a much greater desire and orientation to grow the economy, increase employment and take a more pragmatic, logical approach to running the government.  Saturn is the planet governing work, career, productivity and making measurable, slow and steady progress.  Saturn’s tone is now in force.  When Rahu and Saturn are combined, a “workaholic” tendency is indicated, and this attitude permeates the country during this particular cycle. 

The predictions described below cover the specific time frame between November 6, 2020 – September 12, 2023, which addresses the Rahu/Saturn period for the U.S.A.  Then, the detailed astrological reasoning follows, for those who are interested.

Predictions for the U.S.A. During the Rahu/Saturn Cycle:  (11-6-2020 to 9-12-2023)

1.  I had already predicted a change in the presidency before the election, back in November 2020 (that publication is available on my website under the “Publications” tab).  This can be predicted, in part, due to Saturn’s placement in the U.S. 10th house, which can bring a fall from power since Saturn is afflicted by Mars’ aspect, and Saturn’s dispositor, Mercury, is in the 8th house of “change.” Trump fell from power and the new president Biden brought a more stable, organized, logical style, indicative of Saturn, ready to persevere and make serious progress.

2. Increased employment growth and focus on new job creation is central through 2023.

3. Strong emphasis on transportation, increased vehicle production, using alternative fuels, artificial intelligence and innovative technologies.

4.  Continued rise (inflation) of real estate values and increased sales/expansion of real estate dominate this period. This trend continues beyond Rahu/Saturn until April 2025, when a real estate downturn is likely to begin and last through April 2030.

5. New architectural designs for buildings and houses that employ climate-friendly, and energy-efficient technologies, are promoted.

6.  Stricter gun control laws are finally advanced and passed by the congress and senate.

7. The possibility of starting a new military confrontation or new war with a foreign country grows during this period. 

8.  The pandemic will come to a conclusion during the period of January – March 2022.

9. Rapid advances in biotechnology continue, with the development of new fertility/embryonic biotechnologies. 

10. The field of molecular genetics (biotechnology) continues to make major advances, discoveries and the development of new diagnostics and therapeutics against a wide variety of diseases and medical conditions throughout the Rahu/Saturn period.

11.  Growth of new infrastructure, including roads, bridges, highways, and communication infrastructure (broadband) will advance during these years.

12. Higher probability for major hurricanes, flooding and damaging storms during the summer months of 2021 and 2023.

13. Higher propensity for major earthquakes and volcanic eruptions near July 1, 2021 and near August 1, 2022.

14. Emphasis on improving, remodeling and changing environmental health, hygiene and workplace environments (Saturn in Chitra/Virgo).

15.  Advancement of the arts, particularly in building sculptures and new monuments.

16. Significant advances in both space travel and air travel occur.

17.  During the month of March 2023, Saturn will transit through Aquarius, forming an exact conjunction to the U.S. Moon on 3-19-2023.  This is likely to be a challenging and stressful time for the U.S. on several fronts.  This issue could involve a major problem with the health care system, another disease outbreak, as well as the necessity to make a major economic sacrifice or expenditure to resolve a significant problem in the country.  This period could also be indicative of a major change, or overhaul of the larger healthcare system.   In addition, the health and well-being of president Biden could seriously be at risk during this time.  He could be diagnosed with a life-threatening illness or his life might be threatened around this time frame. 

Some Background into the Larger Rahu Planetary Cycle:

        Rahu in the U.S. chart is placed in the 8th house, at 16:51 degrees in the water sign of Cancer, in the nakshatra of Ashlesha. Rahu’s dispositing planet, the Moon, is in the 3rd house, at 7:14 degrees in the air sign of Aquarius, in Shatabhisha nakshatra.  Notice that the 3rd house has 8th house qualities since it is eight houses away from the 8th house itself.   All of the above indicate that Rahu mahadasha brings substantial transformation in the country as a whole, putting great emphasis on 8th house indications.   Some of these prominent changes are strongly directed at health care delivery, medicine and healing modalities in particular since both Ashlesha and Shatabhisha are intimately associated with traditional medicine and alternative healing methods.   

       Rahu itself is an indicator of separation, breaking through social convention, indicating areas of restlessness, dissatisfaction with the status quo, intense focus, creating turmoil, taking risks and seeking excitement, going into situations where a person does not belong, and taking extreme positions.  When Rahu is activated, it becomes a driving force in the psyche.  It is an area seen in the horoscope that is hard to control or fully understand, without clear, focused awareness.  However, once Rahu is understood, it is possible to harness that energy and direct it with intelligence to promote more beneficial outcomes and experiences along the way.  

      Rahu also governs the unusual and unconventional, getting fame & recognition, innovative technologies, new approaches to solving problems, research, computers and also the field of Astrology itself.  Rahu and Ketu are considered to be the “outcasts” of the planetary cabinet and they also represent foreigners and immigrants.   A legal pathway to citizenship is likely to be outlined for undocumented immigrants during Rahu mahadasha.  So, while the U.S. is moving through Rahu, these areas become highlighted during the 18 years of this cycle.   

     For these above reasons, we witness many more groups of people who used to live more hidden/private lives or in the shadows of society moving more into the public sphere to gain recognition, pressing for their rights or to simply be seen and heard as legitimate individuals who are part of the fabric of the larger society.  What used to be considered “odd” or “unusual” or “exceptional” human behavior or self-expression is now more of the norm. 

     Note that the 8th house also governs taxes, insurance, inheritance, banks, and borrowing money, so these areas are major focal points in the U.S. as well, and they are likely to undergo some level of reconfiguration and transformation.  Even currency as we know it is in the process of changing to a more digital (hidden-crypto-8th house) form.   

     The 8th house placement of Rahu also refers to unconventionality, privacy issues and secrecy. While Rahu in the 8th house promotes profound changes, and the development and implementation of new approaches to solving problems, it also brings out deeply personal/private issues that have been buried and need to be dealt with at some point, including those of sexual abuse, trafficking and other issues involving sexuality in particular. There are mass group movements that have formed, particularly among women’s groups, during Rahu dasha, to advocate and openly work to change erroneous deep-seated societal beliefs.  Several infamous sex abusers have been brought to trial and found guilty during the early stages of Rahu mahadasha.   In addition, the acknowledgement of under-represented, more hidden groups, including transgendered individuals, has grown dramatically during Rahu mahadasha, in keeping with the 8th house theme. 

    Another area involving the 8th house involves death and dying, and longevity.  Changes in perception about death, allowing euthanasia for terminal illness patients, expansion of hospice and how the country perceives and deals with terminal illness are also prominent during Rahu dasha.  Legal policies may change in this regard as the dasha progresses.   It moves the hidden and private concerns out into the open to deal with in the larger society.  

    Rahu in Ashlesha nakshatra emphasizes healing and specifically allopathic medicine, which employs pharmaceutical agents, drugs, and various chemicals/toxins to treat disease.  The 8th house itself governs research into all hidden areas.  These domains are up for change and further advancement due to the 8th house placement of Rahu.  Breakthrough treatments for a long list of diseases coming from advances in molecular genetics & biotechnology will expand, as will medical research involving these novel approaches.  Innovative medical diagnostics, surgical procedures, transplants and techniques will grow, change and improve enormously over the 18 years of Rahu.  The widespread legalization of cannabis for medical purposes is another example of Rahu dasha’s influence. 

   Notice that the Moon (Rahu’s dispositor) is in Shatabhisha nakshatra, which is symbolized by 100 physicians and is also specifically associated with addictions.  Rahu is the planet associated with this specific nakshatra as well.  Just as the country moved into Rahu mahadasha, the exponential increase in opioid addiction turned into a serious national crisis.  Prior to the Rahu dasha, this problem existed in the shadows, but it grew substantially and became a public focal point for the country to acknowledge and work to resolve once the U.S. entered the Rahu period. 

    The 3rd house placement of the Moon (dispositing planet for Rahu in Cancer) highlights the changes that will come in both the communications sector and involving transportation modalities.  Not only is the self-driving car now legitimate and in development, but all forms of technology and artificial intelligence will expand and grow in leaps and bounds during the 18 years of Rahu.  It brings the combination of new technologies with transportation and the desire to change the status quo in this area.  There are likely going to be new modes of transportation that arise during this period, or least significant changes will manifest involving vehicles, airplanes and space travel over the entire 18 years.   The methods used to communicate will likely undergo even further advancement and change during Rahu’s dasha.   What seemed inconceivable a few years ago will become the new normal. 

     It’s important to note that Rahu itself behaves much like a roller coaster, with ups and downs and sudden swings.  This volatile, uncertain tendency will manifest in many areas. There is a general tendency under Rahu’s influence to cling to pleasure and to seek more satisfaction of one’s desires, without consideration of the consequences.  This is where intelligence, slowing down decisions and considering the impact of words and actions becomes paramount for the country to thrive in the long run.  The better side of Rahu’s impact will manifest if self-control is employed. Otherwise, decisions and actions based purely on impulse, excitement and the unconventional will get the country into deeper problems down the road.  Such in the nature of Rahu.

The Rahu/Saturn period (11-06-2020 to 9-12-2023):

      Evaluation of Saturn and its relationship to Rahu in the U.S. chart, reveals that Saturn is located in the 10th house at 24:04 degrees Virgo, in the nakshatra of Chitra.  This 10th house placement of Saturn puts great emphasis on the government itself and focus on the presidency which may be viewed from the 10th house.  Just as the U.S. entered Rahu/Saturn, the U.S. presidential election took place.  Saturn is also aspected by the malefic Mars in this 10th house position, which harms Saturn.  Afflicted Saturn in the 10th house may reflect a fall from position or power in one’s career.  Since this is the chart of the country, it reflects a fall of power regarding the former president’s position.  Moreover, the dispositing planet (of Virgo), is Mercury.  Note that Mercury is in the 8th house of “change” and it is conjunct the mahadasha ruler, Rahu.  Together, these astrological factors point to a “change” taking place in the government and in the presidency.   This was fully recognized after the election, during Rahu/Saturn, even though the election took place three days earlier in the previous Rahu/Jupiter period.  Recall the long delay in officially determining the final results of the election, and the delay in determining the senate race in Georgia.  The country had both a change in the presidency, Trump to Biden, republican to democrat, and a change in the senate, which now slightly leans democratic. 

              Saturn is the planet of work, and it is a planet reflecting a serious, responsible, pragmatic and persevering attitude toward all actions.  With its 10th house placement, we can expect a strong emphasis on job growth above all else.  This is exactly what Biden has emphasized from day one of his presidency.  This continues through the entire Rahu/Saturn period. 

              The influence of Saturn in Chitra nakshatra brings in several new elements during Rahu/Saturn.  First, Chitra is associated with the deity Tvashtar, who is considered to be an “architect” and involved with many forms of creation.  We can extrapolate to the year 2021 and apply Chitra’s influence to fertility, embryology, as well as all types of craftsmanship, buildings and architecture.  It is a prominent nakshatra for engineers, craftsman & craftswomen, artists, architects and biotechnologists.  Hence, these areas are likely to get specific attention and focus during the period of Rahu/Saturn. 

              The tendency to fight or go to war is also associated with Chitra in a few ways. First, recall that Mars (in the 7th house) is aspecting Saturn in Chitra which aggravates Saturn and provokes a battle.  Second, the deity Tvashtar is connected to the building of weapons and fighting for justice.  Chitra’s ruling planet is Mars, the planet governing war itself.  There is a warrior quality naturally associated with Chitra.  Mars is aspecting Saturn from the 7th house of this chart (the house of other countries).

              Since Saturn is in Chitra (associated with both weapons and the law) and Saturn tends to put rules or restrictions on whatever it is associated with, during Rahu/Saturn this may bring about legislation (laws) regarding the use of weapons including guns.  It forces more responsibility (Saturn) on gun ownership (Chitra and Mars), which is the reasoning employed for this prediction during Rahu/Saturn.

              The 3rd house rulership of Saturn brings attention to communications, transportation and infrastructure.  Since Saturn goes to the 10th house of “work” we can see that these sectors will likely experience growth and provide more jobs.  The 3rd house is also connected to the Internet and broadband, and any communication devices.  It is also associated with roads, travel and the infrastructure necessary to allow for transport.  Notice also that Saturn is placed three houses away from Rahu, further emphasizing the qualities of the natural 3rd house involving growth of communications, travel, and its associated infrastructure. 

              Real estate growth is seen from several vantage points during Rahu/Saturn.  First, Saturn aspects the 4th house governing real estate in the main Rashi chart. Second, the nakshatra of Chitra puts great emphasis on building and architecture in general.  Third, Jupiter’s transit during 2022 and 2023 will be very strong, going through Pisces, its own sign through the U.S. 4th house governing real estate matters.  Transiting Jupiter will aspect the natal Saturn while transiting Pisces, which magnifies and benefits both real estate and vehicles in the U.S.  The influence of a strong Jupiter transit in this position will only grow and strengthen this domain during Rahu/Saturn. Fourth, evaluation of the D-4 varga (real estate) shows Saturn in that prominent 4th house with Mars, which rules the 2nd and 9th houses of that varga.  This combination reflects gains, prosperity and growth through real estate.  Moreover, Jupiter will transit through that D-4 varga 1st house during 2022, into 2023, promoting and strengthening real estate.    

              The downturn in real estate is predicted starting in 2025, due to the difficult transit of Saturn going through the prominent 4th house in the U.S. chart as of late March 2025.  Then, Saturn will transit through its debilitated position of Aries starting in June 2027 until April 2030. When Saturn is debilitated, it will be 2nd from the 4th house (in the 5th house) which governs money from real estate. Both transits of Saturn, through Pisces and Aries appear to be challenging and difficult for real estate matters, and hence a downturn is predicted at that time.  Note that Saturn’s transit through Pisces influences the 1st house of the D-4 varga governing real estate, another challenging and confirming indicator of problems at that time.

              The transit of Jupiter going through Aquarius is significant for the U.S. since the Moon is in the 3rd house of Aquarius.  The Moon is Rahu’s dispositing planet, so transiting influences on the Moon are particularly important to monitor.   The Moon is positioned 6th from Saturn, the bhukti lord, and the 6th house governs health matters.  Jupiter’s beneficial transit through the nakshatra of Shatabhisha (an important medical/health nakshatra) reflects strengthening health to the country and the greater likelihood that the pandemic will wane and become less of a major crisis during January – March 2022. 

              The weather predictions are in part associated with Mars/Saturn transiting aspects that are particularly strong and problematic in June- July 2021 and in July-August 2023.  For example, Mars will be transiting through Cancer, its sign of debilitation and a water sign, and receive the harsh aspect of transiting Saturn precisely at 18:11 degrees of Cancer on 7-1-2021.  This Mars transit takes place in the 8th house of the U.S. chart and close to Rahu in Ashlesha nakshatra, also in the 8th house, which is indicative of storms, flooding, discord and destruction to real estate.    

              The difficult Saturn transit conjunct the U.S. Moon on 3-19-2023, coincides with president Joe Biden’s Saturn/Saturn mahadasha in force. Saturn is not a particularly strong planet for health in his natal chart and on this date, transiting Saturn will conjunct his natal Ketu at exactly the same degree as the U.S. Moon at 7 degrees Aquarius.  Biden has his Moon at 7 degrees Aries (Aswini) in the 6th house governing health, and it will receive the exact aspect of transiting Saturn on that date.  Transiting Saturn will also negatively aspect his Scorpio Lagna at 10 degrees, his Scorpio Sun in the 1st house of the physical body and his Venus. 

              The unfortunate historical reference is that while the U.S. was previously in Rahu/Saturn, President William McKinley was assassinated on 9-06-1901.  Another point, is that the U.S. natal Rahu is in the 8th house, 8th from the Moon, where transiting Saturn will conjunct. Such planetary 8th house positions influence longevity and can indicate the possibility of death.  At the very least, this is likely to be a challenging time for Biden’s health status.