Rahu Rears its Beautiful, Ugly Head: 2017 

*(Note:  I use James Kelleher’s time rectification for the USA chart and its corresponding mahadasha calculations: 7-4-1776, 18:30, Philadelphia, PA)

(Donald Trump’s birth data:  6-14-1946, 10:54 A.M. EDT, Jamaica, NY)

This year 2017 is an unusual one, in that the USA having completed its first year of the 18- year cycle of Rahu Mahadasha is undergoing a major shift & adjustment.  I have been writing about this Rahu cycle and its implications since late October 2015, when this major planetary cycle commenced.  You’ll recall I have stated many times, “expect the unexpected.”   This year 2017, we remain in a transitional period, getting used to the energy of Rahu and what it has in store for our country.   During 2016, everything began to shift in the country and it created a disturbing, chaotic atmosphere.  The country knew it wanted something different and it wanted to get rid of the status quo, the establishment at any cost.   That is exactly what Rahu represents---- the unconventional, something different from the past, anti-establishment, separatist, individualist and materialist orientation. 

You may love it or you may hate it, or something in-between, but everyone of us has Rahu somewhere in his/her chart.   Just look within and ask yourself, “what part of me is compulsive or obsessed on some area and has a hard time controlling that urge?”   This area in your life is pressing and stands out.  For example, if you have Rahu in your 10th house, you tend to obsess over your career success.  Rahu in your 9th house, draws you to travel or to seek higher knowledge or religious teachings.  If you have Rahu in the 7th house, you feel a stronger sense of urgency in regard to relationships and marriage.  

Rahu’s placement shows where we are a bit blind and where we are fascinated.  It manifests as a strong, compelling urge and you will often go to any lengths to settle that urge, for better or worse.  But, satisfaction evades you because after you settle that urge, another one pops up or your expectations are not quite met.  Sound familiar?   Rahu’s motto says, “to exist, to have meaning, is to have an urge to chase!”  Sometimes the Rahu energy is more dormant and not obvious until Rahu’s major or minor sub-period arrives in your life, just as it has for the US at this time.   Then Rahu’s influence is unmistakable.  There are methods that can be used to help control this cycle and gain mastery of it, so that the long-term karmic effects finally dissipate once you learn to let go and detach from the cycle.

It is the desires and the associated expectations that get in the way with Rahu, and these can be tamed and directed with intelligence and deeper awareness.  Then Rahu can express a finer and more useful side of its energy.   Since the U.S. is in the Rahu cycle for many years to come, we might consider how each of us will work with this energy surrounding us.   You may feel it is beyond you.  However, if you learn about your own personal connection to Rahu (as explained through your chart), and you learn to direct that energy in healthier, beneficial ways, then you can help the earth improve from your own microcosmic experience.   This is a time to learn to control impulses, demonstrate discipline and put some thought into your actions before you metaphorically jump off the cliff. 

President Donald Trump & Rahu:

I’m not going to thoroughly dissect President Donald Trump’s chart* in this essay since I want to focus on the larger effect of Rahu and share my predictions for this year.  But, it is worth pointing out Trump’s strong association with Rahu and hence the USA chart.   Trump has his Leo Lagnesh (1st house ruling planet), the Sun, very strong, high up in the 10th house (career), conjunct exalted Rahu, and aspected by Jupiter.  He was born right on a lunar eclipse (Full Moon), with the degree of Rahu & the Sun very tight.  This shows how he has attained such a high position and status, under Rahu’s primary influence to his career.  Rahu tends to give fame & recognition and then can take it away swiftly.  In the 10th house, this refers to his career.  Trump was elected president just as his Rahu mahadasha was coming to an end, granting him his final wish.

Trump’s strong exalted natal Rahu is a perfect symbol for ushering in a Rahu dasha. His Rahu prominence connects him to the direction and fate of the U.S. at this time in history.  There will be some gains and success for the U.S. as a result of his strong Sun’s position and there will be rises and falls along with it, due to Rahu’s influence. 

Rahu Mahadasha from a U.S. Historical Perspective:

The last time the U.S. was in a Rahu dasha was between 1895 – 1913.   Similar historical events would be expected to arise again, but in 21st century terms.  One of the hallmarks of that historical period was the implementation of U.S. protectionist policies (regarding tariffs & free-trade) and a large wave of immigrants came to the U.S, while technology and industry advanced exponentially.  This was a time when industrial America grew enormously and new technological and transportation modalities were invented & put into reality, beyond the imagination.  There was also an addiction problem which gave rise to prohibition. 

 The Spanish-American war took place and Puerto Rico became a U.S. territory.  This was also a time of significant gold and oil discoveries on U.S. soil; the ushering in of flight by the Wright brothers; the first cross country automobile trip was completed, the major Galveston, TX hurricane and major San Francisco earthquake took place.  Towards the end of Rahu, the first transcontinental flight was completed and took over 82 hours.  Several National Parks were established.  The first movie theatre opened and the first 2-way wireless communication system was achieved between the U.S. and Europe.  The assassination of President McKinley took place during Rahu/Saturn (that’s the later 3rd sub-period from Rahu/Rahu).  All of these events won’t necessarily repeat themselves, but there will be some repetition, if the karma remains unsettled.   Many of these same themes will be repeated in 21st century terms.


Rahu’s energy is often expressed as jumping into something because it feels so compelling, enticing, exciting and fun.   How can you resist immediate fame, fortune, instantaneous pleasure and gains?  This is the behavior we are growing accustomed to these days, not only in regard to Trump, but with regard to the entire country’s attitudes and behaviors.  Eventually there are consequences.   Once the drunken party is over, the excessiveness & euphoria ends and the destruction is over, then the recovery, payback and cleanup ensues.  Yet this quality resides somewhere inside all of us. 

 If we, as a nation, examine our own individual Rahu aspects of ourselves and grow more conscious of its implications, then that will improve the experience for the entire country.   That will collectively shift the energy to a more positive outcome during these 18 years. That is a big “IF.”  We can individually make that decision on a daily basis by keeping impulses and decisions in check.  No one is forcing us to jump off a cliff, take the addictive euphoric drug or lash out verbally or harm someone else just because they disagree with another’s perspective.  It’s called “taming the Rahu nature” inside us.  

The beginning of any new major planetary cycle ushers in a completely new and different set of karmas or implications/events that are bound to ripen and manifest.  Like any other mahadasha planet, Rahu has its higher, more positive side as well as its lower, more devious side.  The basic nature of Rahu is to relentlessly go after its desires at any cost. Rahu is kind of like the “Pac Man” head gobbling up the prize and going after the next one.   Rahu takes an unconventional, and individualistic approach, it is a loner, a separatist, an outcast and moves toward excitement.  Rahu also moves on impulse and inspiration rather than solely on logic or facts.   Rahu is worldly, whereas Ketu (its opposite pole) is other-worldly.  Rahu is the outcast, individualist and the foreigner.   Ketu is the hitchhiker, the spiritual seeker or the hippy who denounces the boundaries of the world, preferring to be ungrounded and disconnected to the material plane.  Rahu follows his own compass and Ketu doesn’t use one. 

 On lower levels of manifestation, Rahu naturally goes against society’s rules and laws, is unbalanced, follows his own agenda ignoring social expectations or restrictions, acts before thinking the consequences through, and creates chaos, diffuseness and outrage in society.  On its higher levels of expression, Rahu ushers in new ideas, is unencumbered by old outmoded perceptions and approaches, can bring in novel solutions to problems, completely new technological and mechanical breakthroughs, cures for disease, economic and material gains for the country, as well as ground-breaking knowledge.  Rahu governs the fields of technology, computerized devices, scientific breakthroughs across the board and astrology.  So, these areas, in particular, have the opportunity to expand making a positive influence and contribution to society.  

Rahu governs over new technologies, biomedical & scientific discoveries, space exploration, innovation, thinking and behaving outside the box, ignoring the rules and the laws, breaking boundaries, separating and being independent, paranoia, mental disturbance, terrorism, anarchy, epidemics, storms, and all sorts of revolutions.  Breaking out of the old ways of being is Rahu’s trademark.  For that, it takes a revolution.  This is the context, the energetic direction that the U.S.A. will be in for the remaining 17 years while in Rahu.  For this reason, Rahu is often described as taking us on a roller coaster, with its high highs and low lows, thrilling, destructive or shocking as the ride may be.   At its best, we gain freedom, new ways of understanding the world, opening doors to completely new ideas & knowledge, new approaches, new technologies in our midst, cures for major diseases, new biomedical and natural treatments, new engineering feats, the transmutation & proliferation of new energy sources, material and economic gains and the freedom to express oneself outside the box.  At its worst, we experience mass fascination and obsession with the dark side, with a rise in breaking laws, criminal activity, terrorism, anarchy, destruction, excessiveness, addiction to poisons, drugs, and destructive behaviors, epidemics, extremism and chaos. 

In regard to Rahu’s position in the U.S.A. chart:  

Rahu is in the 8th house in the sign of Cancer in Ashlesha nakshatra at 16:51 degrees.  Rahu is conjunct Mercury at 3:26 degrees Cancer.   The dispositing planet of Rahu is the Moon, located in the 3rd house in Shatabhisha nakshatra at 7:14 degrees Aquarius.  

The 8th house position of Rahu emphasizes the profound amount of uncertainty, change and major transformation that the U.S.A. will experience on many levels over 18 years.  Not only is Rahu itself ushering in changes in overall direction, but the 8th house position of Rahu magnifies this tendency even more.  The 8th house governs the country’s tax system, the I.R.S., the insurance industry, including health insurance, inheritance, death & dying policies, as well as research institutions.  It is a position of isolation, aloneness, and secrecy.  The Ashlesha influence and Moon’s Shatabisha influence focus changes in the area of medicine, healing, treatments, biomedical research and cures.   These areas will flourish, after major transformations within the entire medical establishment.   The common approaches and the way medicine and healing are practiced will undergo significant change, perhaps for the better.  

The Moon’s condition is just as important to understand due to its dispositorship of Rahu (in the Moon’s sign of Cancer).  The 6/8 relationship of the Moon to Rahu underscores the climate of uncertainty, change, transformation and complications that await the U.S. during this cycle.  The Moon in Shatabhisha focuses attention on medicine, healing, addictions and technology.  So, both Rahu and the Moon are commonly putting strong attention in these areas.   They will undergo enormous change and transformation over the coming 17 years.   Research activities will become more significant and the findings in several technological domains (science, computers, communications, biomedicine, energy, defense, food & nutrition) will be profound.   Technology and medicine will become even more intertwined like never before. 

With Rahu in the 8th house of Ashlesha, and Moon in Aquarius, this will likely further and usher in (as has already begun) new revelations, attitudes and behaviors about sexuality and gender identity (8th house).  Old attitudes and status quo in this domain will change dramatically.  Expect new definitions and the population attitudes to change in this area more broadly.  The society will be forced to shift its ideas and social definitions as the wave of Rahu in Ashlesha indicates.    

Moon in Aquarius is always a bit unusual and eccentric and mixed with Rahu, we can anticipate some major shifts in socialization, with a major focus on group activities, group protests, group-thinking and fanaticism.   The definition of the family unit will undergo change, as will homes and architecture.  Aquarius is the most humanistic, group-oriented sign of the zodiac, so the individualistic focus of Rahu will come into conflict with the humanistic attitudes of this Moon.     Expect more unusual, bizarre and outrageous behavior to become more of the norm. This tendency will be enhanced and facilitated by its promotion in larger groups or mob-oriented gatherings.   The extremism born out of such an influence can be expected, whether it is more left wing or right wing, it’s in the direction of extreme narrow-mindedness and dogmatism. 

    Rahu’s 8th house association with Mercury creates an obsession and particular focus on making changes to communications and transportation.  This is likely to facilitate great changes in these areas of technology during Rahu.  The infrastructure changes to promote new roads, bridges, airports, pipelines, and internet connections will take place and expand in large measure.  


(Note: These predictions are based on: the U.S. Vedic astrological chart, Rahu/Rahu period, with the use of vargas, & major salient planetary transits influencing that chart during 2017)

1.     In general, the most difficult months under the Rahu/Rahu cycle in 2017 run from late May – August due to concurrent difficult transits involving Saturn, Mars and Rahu combinations.   The possibility for a terrorist attack in the U.S. or some type of major conflict is stronger during this period of the year.  U.S. involvement might also involve a conflict overseas or a battle on the oceans, which might be related to fighting ISIS.  

2.    The U.S. has more discord and separation from foreign countries and immigration is curtailed.  Borders, walls and barriers will begin development amidst protests. The U.S. goes it alone and is alienated from other countries. 

3.     Even in the midst of Rahu dasha’s instability (ups and downs), job growth and gains in employment will expand this year.

4.    Improvements to infrastructure including: road/highway, bridge repair and expansion, airport renovations, railway development, gas/oil pipelines and internet connections will begin and grow strongly into 2018.   Novel changes to transportation and vehicles begin to take shape. 

5.    The country increases its buildings and structures and focuses on expanding its physical environmental footprint.  Real estate grows in many parts of the country and expansion increases into 2018.

6.    Attention and improvement to sewers, waste processing, recycling toxins and other wastes expands, possibly with new methods coming into play.   Bathrooms become an important focal point in real estate.

7.    Expansion of drilling for oil and natural gas (including fracking) and obtaining other minerals/natural products in the U.S. will increase without necessary regard or restriction to its environmental impact.

8.    Removal of rules and regulations increases, ubiquitously, across a wide range of industries.  

9.    Expansion of alternative, renewable energy sources increases and popularity grows. 

10.    Discoveries in biomedical research increase, including novel alternative therapies, new drugs and artificial body part production expands, through 2018 and beyond.

11.    Changes and improvements to the health insurance system take place and the ACA system is removed and replaced, by the end of 2017 and the new insurance put into action by 2018. 

12.    Problems with all addictions, especially Opioids (Heroin), will skyrocket and have to be addressed in the entire country.  Treatment programs will grow in this area.

13.    Overall, U.S. financial markets (stocks) will be on the upswing this year, but a temporary downturn or some extreme volatility (remember Rahu’s roller coaster) might take place between late May through September, and especially between August 18th – 22nd.

14.    Major overhaul of the federal tax system and IRS begins this year.  Removal of certain taxes and restrictions.  

15.     Advances with internet communications and cybersecurity take center stage this year.  The telecommunications industry gains more prominence and expands in the country, possibly with new routes and systems expanding into more territories.  

16.     Problems with the education system become pronounced and by 2018, new programs/options are offered.   Public schools (and universities) are going to undergo a major transformation under Rahu and during the next 3 years while Saturn transits through Sagittarius. Educational institutions will have to prove their effectiveness or lose government funding.  Freedom in educational choice, will take precedence over instructional quality.  Some institutions will go bankrupt or cease to exist.  Technology-focused schools with thrive. 

17.    The Supreme Court gets its new justice, but there is controversy with the entire legal system and the courts during the year.  The loss of another Supreme Court justice could take place this year as well. 

18.    It will be difficult to contain criminal activity and anarchy, especially during the summer months.  Discord and protesting against a wide range of issues continues. 

19.     The threat of a significant major damaging hurricane is likely this summer, especially possible between August 18th – 22nd.  

20.    Hot, dry and drought conditions persist, and fire propensity increases.  Yet, there will be more extreme weather events which could involve flooding and temperature extremes. 

United States of America: Outlook & Predictions for the Year 2017