Prediction on the outcome of the U.S. Presidential election and Donald Trump’s Year Ahead                              

(Published on November 1, 2020 in the Monthly Outlook on this Website)

    While politics, elections and law are not my specialty or focus in life, the field of Vedic Astrology is.  Legal matters often arise for individuals and Vedic Astrology can offer a clear window into the situation, both what underlies the legal issue and the potential eventual outcome of a legal case.  Similarly, this approach can be applied when trying to determine an election outcome.  Applying a thorough, unbiased, comprehensive analysis to a Vedic Astrological chart, should confer accurate predictive results---most of the time.  At the very least, the analysis should be logical, methodical and backed up using sound interpretive (Jyotish) astrological principles.  

With this context in mind, I will humbly attempt to predict the presidential election outcome in this newsletter, because the astrology currently in force which is influencing Trump’s chart is particularly striking.

     Again, the following explanation is not presented with a particular political bias, my personal views or with some type of political agenda.   I’m presenting my version of a Vedic astrological analysis for the situation at hand.  Over past election years, I have predicted several presidential elections accurately and at least one was predicted inaccurately.

     Since this writing is complex in terms of the technical analysis and reasoning applied to formulate my predictions, this newsletter is divided into two parts: Part #1 will list several predictions for Donald Trump’s life over the next 12 months and Part # 2 will contain the astrological reasoning used for each of these predictions.  If you are not interested in the astrological reasoning, you won’t have to wade through several pages to find the predictions.

Part # 1:  Predictions for the Nov. 2020 U.S. Presidential Election and Donald Trump in 2021:

(1)    Donald Trump will lose the 2020 presidential election and Joe Biden will win the election.

(2)    If Trump loses the election, he will most likely contest the results, since he won’t believe that the voting is accurate, and he will likely force some type of recount across states, or take it to the Supreme Court to decide the outcome.  It will likely take until December 16th 2020 to get to a final resolution on the election, since Trump will fight hard.

(3)    Even after he contests the election results, and they are decided, he won’t fully relinquish his position of power until on or just after January 2, 2021.  It is also possible that the election results are not completely decided until just after the New Year 2021.

(4)    Trump will leave the White House, as his residence, in January 2021.

(5)     During November and into December 2020, after the election, there are likely to be violent protests, clashes and unrest in the country, based on whatever the result.  This is seen through challenging, aggressive transiting Saturn/Mars aspects and Jupiter becoming debilitated.

(6)    Trump will experience problems and losses with real estate matters and emotional distress associated with it.  

(7)    Financial problems with the IRS and his tax situation get worse.

(8)    Marriage stress and possible separation or divorce in 2021 (if he loses the election).

(9)    Trump is likely to experience a major illness or health problem involving his heart.

Part #2:  Vedic Astrological Analysis and Basis for the Predictions:

Birth Data:  
Donald Trump: 6-14-1946, 10:54 A.M. EDT, Jamaica, NY
Joe Biden: 11-20-1942, 8:30 A.M. EST, Scranton, PA

(1)    Election Outcome Explanation:  Trump’s Career Outlook

     Examination of Trump’s career situation on election day, 11-3-2020, shows that he is currently in the mahadasha of Jupiter, bhukti of Saturn and antaradasha of Rahu.

     His major period ruler, Jupiter, is in the inimical sign of Virgo, retrograde, in the 2nd house, and aspected by 2 malefic influences, that of Saturn and Rahu.  This shows that his 16-year Jupiter mahadasha will be problematic, especially during difficult sub-periods, such as Saturn, which he is currently experiencing.  Jupiter’s dispositing planet, Mercury, is quite strong in the 11th house, in its own sign of Gemini and is 10th from Jupiter.  This adds some strength to his Jupiter’s results to some degree, but not enough to win another term in the presidency and overcome his Jupiter’s inherent weakness.  “If” he was in the Jupiter/Mercury period, that would yield a different election outcome.   He is currently in Jupiter/Saturn and this determines the outcome to a great extent.

     Once Trump went into Saturn’s bhukti as of January 2019,  trouble in his career and presidency began, and this was well before the onset of the pandemic.   

     Now that he is in Jupiter/Saturn, note that Saturn is in his dusthana 12th house of loss and endings at a weak early 0:42 degree in the inimical sign of Cancer.  Saturn directs a person to take responsibility for his commitments and actions, in general.  Saturn does not allow the person to get away with hiding or taking short cuts, and Saturn squarely puts the issues or problems smack into focus.   Venus’ conjunction to his Saturn adds some strength to Saturn, but does not erase the weakness to Saturn completely.   Saturn harms his Venus significantly in the 12th house.  To make matters worse, his Saturn is disposited by a highly afflicted Moon in debilitated Scorpio, conjunct Ketu and aspected by Mars.  Since his Saturn dispositor, the Moon, is particularly weak, this underscores the difficulties that he will experience as he moves through the Jupiter/Saturn period during this time of his life.  Some of these difficulties will be emotional and mental, and can potentially result in a mental nervous breakdown (Trump style—see below), especially if he loses the election.

     The Moon (Saturn’s dispositing planet) represents the person’s state of mind, ability to find peace or contentedness with life, one’s perception, sense of security, and overall mental health status.  Trump’s Moon is extremely afflicted.  Even though he has enormous charisma in his public persona (born on a very bright full Moon, with an extremely powerful Sun and Lagnesh in the 10th house of career), inwardly he is rarely at peace, never content, and feels unhappy and insecure.  Let’s remember, this is a Moon in debilitated Scorpio which is secretive, constantly trying to control other people and the world, feels paranoid, and is irritated, trying to change and manipulate situations and outcomes to his liking.  His Moon is also conjunct Ketu, so he has difficulty being introspective and seeing situations clearly.  The Mars aspect to his Moon from the 1st house explains his extreme impatience, restlessness, irritability, forcefulness, desire to move rapidly and shows his refusal to slow down, take direction from others as well as his tendency to lead and dictate, regardless of how his decisions affect others.  

     Trump has a very strong Mars (Raja yogakaraka planet for Leo rising) and it is prominently placed in the 1st house, so what people see prominently displayed in his personality profile, is his irascible, forceful, independent, aggressive, military general energy and in Leo (“I am the King. You will do as I say and follow my orders!”).  It’s worth noting that he won the presidency four years ago while he was just finishing Rahu/Mars, a time of career transition and getting what he desired.

     Therefore, while Trump experiences the Saturn bhukti period, he also experiences the influence of his Moon’s status, which is not favorable.  He experiences mental decompensation, psychologically.  This means that he loses control mentally of whatever internal mechanisms kept him together, previously.  He may also become delusional and more paranoid, especially if threatened or at the thought of losing anything that matters to him.  This is a common stress response observed in Narcissists, when the individual is under extreme stress, experiences a significant loss of control or whose perceived invincible “greatness” is challenged in a public way.    

     Moreover, adding in the current antaradasha of Rahu in force at this time, note that Rahu is in his 10th house of the career, informing us that a prominent event will take place involving his career during this time frame.  It’s very interesting to note that he just entered Rahu’s antaradasha on 10-28-2020, right before the election.  You can see how he handled that shift into Rahu this past week, by expanding his numerous public appearances widely, focusing on himself, despite the pandemic and the strong possibility of creating another super-spreading of Covid-19 amongst large groups of his followers.

     Rahu in Trump’s 10th house indicates that he has a natural tendency to never feel satisfied with his work or career and it shows his intense desire for achieving great fame and worldly recognition.  While he has achieved that high level by all measures, he still inwardly perceives this as not quite enough recognition, fame and fortune.  In fact, it is a bottomless pit, an insatiable desire that will probably haunt him throughout his lifetime---the unfulfilled desire for fame and recognition will never leave his mind, no matter what he receives and even after becoming the president of the United States.  

     Since he has a tight Rahu/Sun conjunction in the prominent 10th house and aspected by Jupiter, his persona is larger than life and he is blind to any possible flaws within himself.  Jupiter only increases his optimism about his perceived greatness.  The Jupiter to Sun/Rahu influence also explains the public attraction that many people have toward him.  It’s certainly not due to his Moon’s condition.

     When evaluating Rahu and Ketu, the condition of the dispositing planet is of primary consideration.   Venus is the dispositing planet of his Rahu in Taurus, and Venus is in the dusthana 12th house of endings and loss.  Venus rules his 10th house governing the career and Venus is very weak and harmed substantially by Saturn’s conjunction (the current bhukti ruler).  Synthesizing all of the above factors, you can see how the period of Jupiter/Saturn/Rahu indicates the ending or loss of a job or significant blow up within one’s career path directly from the main Rasi (birth chart).

     Additionally, if you then evaluate the D10 Dasamsa varga (divisional chart of career), notice that Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn (in the sign ruled by Saturn), in the 4th house and aspects his 10th house of career.  Jupiter at 3 degrees Capricorn is quite close to its deepest fallen state of 5 degrees, rendering it even weaker in this position.  The nakshatra of this Jupiter is Uttara Ashadha, which is ruled by the Sun.  The Sun in the D10 is in the 1st house, prominently placed in debilitated Libra, further reflecting Jupiter’s weakness during its period in the career domain.  

     In the D10, Saturn is in the 6th house of work and legal fights (competition) and badly aspected by Mars. Saturn is in the sign of Pisces at 7 degrees, and in the nakshatra of Uttara Bhadrapada, symbolized by the back end of a funeral bed (the end).  This combination signifies the ending of his job and his presidency, while in Saturn bhukti.  Saturn is with Venus in the 6th house and both are aspected by malefic Mars.  Venus is the Lagnesh in this chart, so it is a critical career planet for consideration (and Venus rules his 10th house in the Rasi).  Venus is seriously harmed in the D10 varga, just as it is in his main birth chart.  The dispositor of this D10 Saturn is Jupiter in debilitation, which further underscores negative results to be expected during his Saturn sub-period specifically in his career.

     Next, if you overlay the transiting planets in Trump’s main birth chart, transiting Jupiter is getting ready to leave Sagittarius on 11/20 and join with transiting Saturn in Trump’s 6th house.  Transiting Saturn aspects his natal Saturn and Venus, which is harmful to his career.  Venus rules his career house. The 6th house rules health, as well as employment, competitors and lawsuits.  Saturn and Jupiter’s transit in this position puts the microscope on these areas in Donald Trump’s life over the next year.  The exact conjunction of transiting Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn occurs on 12-21-2020 and it is a stressful, intense aspect, influencing all of these areas listed.

     In Trump’s D10 varga, transiting Jupiter and Saturn will conjunct his debilitated Jupiter in the 4th house and aspect his primary 10th house of career. This indicates that a major event takes place in the career domain that is demanding and stressful, and won’t allow him to manipulate situations, as he is accustomed to.    

     On the day of the election, notice also that transiting Mars in Pisces (his 8th house) is throwing a harmful aspect onto transiting Venus, which itself is debilitated in Virgo. Again, this is not good for Trump’s career situation.  Transiting Mars is also moving through Trump’s 6th house in the D10 career varga, influencing Saturn, and close to his Venus in that varga.  Venus is the Lagnesh for the D10, a critical planet for career.  It’s highly stressed, reflecting his career situation at that time.  

     On election day, the Moon will be transiting through his 10th house along with Rahu.  While the Moon is exalted in Taurus, the concurrent afflictions to Venus (its dispositor), and by Rahu are not positive.  On this day, the afflicted Moon will transit through his 8th house in the D10, which indicates complications, problems and threats to his career longevity.  In the D10, the Moon rules the 10th house of that varga.  As was mentioned, transiting Venus will be debilitated in Virgo and receive malefic aspects of Mars and Rahu as well, on that date.

     Finally, there is a total solar eclipse taking place on 12-14-2020 at 28 degrees Scorpio.  Even though this eclipse occurs after the election, some astrologers consider the impact of an eclipse to manifest 4-6 weeks before the eclipse and up to 6-8 months after the eclipse takes place.  On the actual day of an eclipse, usually a major event does not take place.  However, as time progresses, planets that are behind the eclipse point continue to make forward progress.  When those planets form an exact conjunction to the eclipse point, an event is likely to take place involving those planets and the houses they rule.

     For Donald Trump, his Moon is exactly at the eclipse point of 28 degrees Scorpio.  He was born during a lunar eclipse, with the tight Moon/Ketu conjunction, at 28 degrees Scorpio and his Sun is opposite in Taurus at 29:49 degrees, conjunct Rahu.   This upcoming total solar eclipse will take place across Trump’s 4/10 house axis, specifically influencing his career, reputation, mental & emotional state, residence, real estate matters and debts (Moon rules his 12th house of debts).   This eclipse is another indication that a dramatic event takes place involving his career.  Eclipse influences can also indicate change of direction, whether positive or negative.  Usually, eclipse manifestations are upsetting and problematic in the world.  In Trump’s world, it is a likely indication of his loss of power, influence and the presidency itself during these 8 months, just before and and after the eclipse.

     The fact that this particular total solar eclipse takes place as an 18-year Ketu/Rahu return to his birth eclipse position (stimulating his Kala Sarpa yoga) reflects his fall from power. This is a strong influence to his Moon and Sun and 4/10 house axis.   He had the rise to the presidency and now he has the fall, as would be expected with this configuration.  The timing of this eclipse is stunning, close to the time of the election.  Recall, Trump is in the Rahu antaradasha, indicating a significant event involving his career is due to manifest.  

     This total solar eclipse takes place in Jyeshtha nakshatra, which harms Trump’s otherwise innate ability to keep his position of power and seniority, and this threatens his authoritative stance, as well as his emotional state.  His Jyeshtha Moon is shaken up and he may temporarily lose his innate ability to mesmerize, convince and hypnotize others to follow and believe in him.  These powerful qualities are associated with Jyeshtha nakshatra, and can potentially be used for promoting good, healing and solving difficult problems, or they can be used to gain power, control and manipulating events and other people.  It’s always a choice in terms of which direction to go with this power.  Sometimes, the individual will choose a combination of them, rather than go to extremes in one positive or negative direction.  There is also an association with Jyeshtha related to not acknowledging one’s teachers or mentors, and those who assisted, advised, or otherwise gave important knowledge that was instrumental to the Jyeshtha individual’s eventual rise in life.  Eventually, the Jyeshtha individual has to pay that back in some way, or sincerely apologize for the oversight and self-centeredness.  We’ll see how this manifests in the near future for Donald J. Trump.

     On 12-16-2020, soon after the eclipse takes place, Mercury transits to the exact 28th degree of the Scorpio eclipse point.  This is the time that I expect the election will finally be determined, after the controversy begins to subside.  Mercury governs all communications and is an essential indicator of information processing.  Since Scorpio is also a sign associated with hidden agendas and secrets, there can be some scandals that become uncovered during this time.  Then on 1-2-2021, transiting Venus progresses up to the 28th  degree Scorpio point, in Trump’s 4th house.  I anticipate that he will finally announce that he has lost the race for the presidency and make plans to leave his temporary residence at the White House.

     Comparatively, Joe Biden is currently in the Jupiter/Rahu/Jupiter cycle. Biden has Jupiter exalted in the sign of Cancer, in the fortunate 9th house of his chart. His Rahu is in the 10th house of career, disposited by the Sun in his 1st house of Scorpio.  However, Saturn is also aspecting his Jupiter and Sun from his 7th house.  In the D10, Jupiter is well placed in the 6th house of work, in its own sign of Pisces and Rahu is prominently placed in the 1st house, showing the possibility for achieving fame and recognition during this period. Jupiter aspects his 10th house in the D10.  Overall, comparing Trump’s Jupiter/Saturn to Biden’s Jupiter/Rahu period, I think Biden has the stronger chance of winning this election.

Trump will change residence and move out of the White House:

    This is seen through the condition of his 4th house governing real estate and his residence.  The total solar eclipse takes place in his 4th house on 12-14-2021, eclipsing his Moon.  The karakas for home/residence are Venus and the Moon, and both are afflicted.  Jupiter rules the 4th house from itself and will be debilitated by transit after 11/20.  He has Saturn and Venus conjunct in the sign of Cancer, showing problems and struggles with his home life and the tendency to change residence.

    In the D4 varga (Charturtamsa) for real estate and property matters, notice the same pattern is replicated,  with the eclipse going through the prominent 4th house as well.  More importantly, Jupiter is in the 11th house of that varga, which is 8th from the 4th house, showing a tendency to move around a lot during Jupiter’s mahadasha.  Jupiter is in Mrigashira which is restless in that nakshatra, showing a restless tendency to search and change residence.   In Saturn’s bhukti, notice Saturn again is in Cancer (4th sign of the home), in the 12th house of loss and endings in this D4 varga, reflecting a change of home and moving away from the residence, which happens to be the White House.  

Problems and losses involving real estate matters and emotional distress:

    Again, the eclipse crosses his 4th house (governs real estate) influencing his Moon (mental state).  Venus is afflicted by Saturn during his Jupiter/Saturn period, harming both real estate and mental status.  This Saturn affliction to Venus is replicated in his D4 varga, as is the influence of the eclipse across his 4th house in that varga.

Financial problems with the IRS and his tax situation gets worse.

    The 8th house governs IRS and tax matters, as well as money from partnerships.  Jupiter rules his 8th house and is afflicted in the natal chart.  Saturn is in the 12th house of debts, expenses and loss and harms Venus, another financial planet.  The transit of Saturn is aspecting his 8th house throughout 2021.  Jupiter will be debilitated for part of the 2021 year, which is challenging to 8th house matters for him, especially while he remains in Jupiter/Saturn.

Marriage stress and possible separation or divorce in 2021 (if Trump loses the election)

    The 7th house governs marriage and Venus is the karaka for marriage and women. Saturn rules his 7th house and is in the 12th house of endings, conjunct Venus, which explains his three marriages and issues with understanding and respecting women.  Venus also rules the 7th house from his Moon and is harmed by Saturn.  While Saturn transits his 6th house (12th house from the 7th) this year with debilitated Jupiter, this shows the possibility for marriage problems and possible separation from his wife. In the D9 Navamsa (relationships divisional), he again has Saturn conjunct Venus, while Jupiter is aspected by Mars and in a harmful papa karteri yoga surrounding his Jupiter in this varga. Saturn also rules the 7th from Jupiter in D9 and Saturn is 12th from Jupiter (end of relationship), further indicating the possible end of his marriage.  

    The transit of Saturn and debilitated Jupiter through the 8th house of the D9 further amplifies the challenging nature of his married life during this year. The only caveat is if he manages to regain the presidency for another term, then he is likely to maintain the marriage for public appearance sake.   Trump will likely have his next future wife or girlfriend when he moves into the Jupiter/Mercury period starting in 7-17-2021.

Trump is likely to experience a major illness or health problem involving his heart

    The heart is viewed from both the 4th and 5th houses.  This represents the upper chambers of the heart, the atria, and the lower section of the heart, the ventricles and aorta, respectively.  In Trump’s chart, the 4th house and the Moon are afflicted by the aspect of Mars and Ketu. Mars also aspects 4th and 5th houses from his Moon.  Mars is in the 4th house from his Sun and Saturn aspects the 5th house from his Sun.  His Sun itself is strong for career, but afflicted by Rahu and its dispositor Venus is weak, reflecting a vulnerability for heart issues.  Yet, his Sun also has a beneficial Jupiter aspect which has conferred protection as well, and might explain why he was saved from a serious bout with the Coronavirus recently, among other health concerns.  

He is also Leo rising (Lagna), which have a natural tendency for heart issues, if other factors combine in the horoscope leaning in the direction of heart disease.  In Trump’s chart there are several indications leaning in this direction.  Also, since his chart is heavily loaded toward heart disease, if he took advance steps to lose weight, eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly, he might have a chance to avoid heart disease.  Since he has not done so previously, it may be too late to avoid the illness.  The Jupiter/Sun aspect is strong, but it too, has its limits.

    While he is in Jupiter/Saturn, note that his Jupiter is afflicted by Saturn and Rahu’s aspects and is retrograde.  Retrograde planets tend to give health problems if other factors load in that direction.  This is problematic for his health.   Saturn is in the dusthana 12th house and aspects Jupiter and his 6th house, governing health matters.

    In the D6 (Shashtamsha) varga for health matters, Saturn is prominently placed in the 6th house of health matters and is aspected by both Jupiter and Mars.  Even strong planets can indicate health problems if attacked.  Transiting Saturn and Mars are currently aspecting his 6th house and Saturn in his D6.  

    In the main birth chart, transiting Saturn and Jupiter will conjunct at 6 degrees Capricorn on 12-21-2020 in his 6th house of health matters and transit there throughout 2021.  Transiting Saturn and Mars are also currently aspecting his 3rd house which is also the 6th house from his Sun and 12th from his Moon.  These are harmful transits influencing his health and they continue to be in force until 2-21-2021, when Mars moves into Taurus and will no longer aspect 6th from his Sun.  But, then, Mars will transit with his Sun and aspect his Moon and 1st house, perhaps even more problematic for his heart.  So, throughout 2021, he will not escape these harsh transit influences.  Eventually debilitated Mars will conjunct his Saturn in his 12th house in June 2021, just before his next birthday.  This indicates a serious situation involving his health is quite likely, among other problems likely to arise in his life at that time.