Vedic Astrological Outlook:  September 2018


Venus and Jupiter together for the month:    Growth, Gains and Momentum

    This month, several planets gain strength and influence, creating an atmosphere of fresh opportunities, optimism, pleasure, harmonious relations, critical thinking and technological precision.   First, on 9/1 Venus moves into its own strong sign of Libra and joins with Jupiter, where it will transit for the entire month.  As the month progresses, Venus gets closer to Jupiter by degree, transiting through two nakshatras during September.  Venus transits through Chitra through 9/9, increasing artistry, design and creative energy, in particular.  Then Venus moves into Swati, a nakshatra that promotes fresh new starts, new projects, independence, freedom, exchange of ideas and travel.   It’s an excellent time for returning to school and advancing educational desires.  

    Venus and Jupiter are both benefic planets, meaning that they confer sweet, generous, optimistic and pleasurable energy.  When together, this planetary combination gives a sense of happiness, abundance, gain and growth. Libra is the sign governing relationships, negotiations, mediation and legal matters.  It is an excellent month for promoting all types of relationship and partnership activities, marriage, business negotiations, mediation and dealing with legal matters.  There is a greater sense of balance, openness, willingness to join with others, a desire to reduce arguments/conflicts and to create harmony while giving others the benefit of the doubt.  The desire to work together for the greater good and to help each other is in the air.   It’s an excellent time for dating, meeting new people, networking and socializing.

    This “temporary” general sense of abundance also includes the desire for pleasures, gains, prosperity, making purchases, both big and small, and building or expanding whatever the object of choice is.  This will permeate the atmosphere for September.  The fact that both Jupiter and Venus are together in Libra and Saturn is not aspecting Venus (as was the case in August), allows both planets to express their qualities without restraint or conflict.  Negotiations should be smoother this month and it will be easier to gain favor, obtain a salary increase, start a new job or increase wealth during September.   It’s clearly one of the sweeter months for the year 2018. 

    On the other hand, it is also a month where people are likely to indulge more than normal on all levels, eat too much, over-spend, and emphasize luxury and pleasure over everything else.   It will be hard to resist the temptation to enjoy life’s pleasures this month.  

    Venus will remain in Libra for many extra months during this particular transit since it will retrograde back through the sign starting on 10/5.   While the retrograde motion portends some complications or issues involving Venus’ significations, it’s still a relatively stronger position for the planet for the rest of the year, when it then moves into Scorpio on January 2, 2019.   However, for the entire month of September, Venus moves direct through Libra and that gives it great strength.

The Sun and Mercury:   Two strong, beneficial influences in September

    The Sun continues to move through its strong Leo transit until 9/16, when it then moves into Virgo.  For the first two weeks of September, the Sun is particularly prominent, along with the nice strong Venus/Jupiter combination.   This raises the confidence and energy level for self-expression, and desire to promote oneself, become recognized and to be admired for one’s talents, charm, attractiveness and showmanship.  It’s a strong period for the entertainment industry, for music, movies, and theatre.    Although the strong Mars aspect on the Sun for the first two weeks of the month, indicates that the heat wave is likely to continue and then begin to abate as the month progresses.  It reflects a bit of impulsiveness or impatience for the first half of the month. 

    The next strong planetary transit involves Mercury, which transits into its strong, exalted sign of Virgo on 9/18, joining with the Sun.  For the remainder of September, until October 6th, Mercury will transit through its exalted position in Virgo.  Strong Mercury in force is excellent for promoting all forms of communication, focusing on details, analysis, precision, engineering/technical matters, reviewing and signing contracts, writing, information processing, data collection, as well as education, teaching, lecturing, computer-based efforts and business.   This strong Mercury is so beneficial in the classroom situation, for learning, being understood as a speaker, and having programs move more smoothly and efficiently.  It’s also an excellent time for networking, meetings, conventions and making business deals. 

    This is a good period for upgrading electronics, computer and phone equipment and learning how to make good use of such new technology.  This is also a good time for focusing on self-improvement activities, and improving one’s health, as well as gaining knowledge or information about medical treatments or remedies.  It’s a month for analysis, doing the calculations, organization and planning for projects that you intend to start. 

    While Saturn will influence both the Sun and Mercury by aspect starting in mid-September, in this case, it confers more seriousness, diligence, patience, perseverance and the desire to be perfect and not make mistakes.   This is also a nice counterbalance influence, while the strong indulgent Jupiter/Venus conjunction is concurrently taking place.  While the desire for pleasures and indulgence is there, a concurrent interest in accuracy, detail, applying logic and self-control will also be in the atmosphere.  Logical thinking prevails in decision-making during the month. 

    Overall, September is quite a strong month for the planetary transits and it will feel like the doors are opening up for making a fresh start and new opportunities begin to manifest.  Just open your mind, heart and eyes and look around you this month.  It’s a great time to move forward with your life, get projects and programs started and make forward progress in all domains.