Vedic Astrological Outlook:  November 2018

Midterm Election Day 11-6-2018, just as Mars Moves into Aquarius:

 For the month of November 2018, there are several significant planetary shifts worthy of consideration.   First, after an unusually long Mars transit through its exaltation sign of Capricorn and conjunction with Ketu during much of 2018, Mars now moves out of that position and into Aquarius, where it will transit until 12/23.

Since 11/6 is an election day in the U.S., this movement of Mars will likely influence attitudes and voter perception on this day.  Mars moves into Aquarius, a position that is more humanitarian and less utilitarian/practical in focus, and Mars, a planet of action/assertion, will be quite weak on this day, not even at one degree during voting hours.  Transiting Mars also receives the harmful aspect of Saturn for the entire month, creating resistances, challenging us to slow down and be patient with various activities and projects.  This Mars influence is likely to produce hesitation and may even portend a lower voter turnout to some degree. 

     This transit changes the intensity of Mars, especially having separated from Ketu completely at this point.   The population might begin to think more broadly about the world and humanitarian concerns, as Mars moves through Aquarius until 12/23.   The intense, driven, warring quality of Mars with Ketu experienced for much of the year,  is now reduced.  Sometimes a weaker Mars can cool things off in the atmosphere.   It’s less direct, progressive, exciting and energetic, but it allows time for rest, centering and slowing down some.  The main construct is, if you experience constant resistance to your actions/direction, then it’s time to reevaluate your strategy by slowing down or reconsidering and changing your approach.

     It’s also interesting that on voting day, 11/6, the Moon will be in Libra, conjunct retrograde Venus and the Sun.  Note that as of 9:25 A.M. EST, the Moon changes into Swati nakshatra and will transit there for the rest of the day, just as voting gets underway on 11/6.  The association of the Moon with Venus in Libra is very sweet, kind and highly social, yielding and conforming in nature. The influence of Swati nakshatra brings a desire for freedom, independence, changing one’s opinions and scattering one’s energy in multiple directions.  The combination of this Mars shift and the Moon in Swati could bring some interesting surprises in this upcoming election.  The themes of humanitarianism, coupled with the desire for freedom, free speech, room to move, travel freely and breathe, along with a higher value on relationships will influence decision-making on this election day.  Swati often denotes making a new fresh start and changing direction, as the symbol is a “young sprout swaying in the wind.”

     When a planet is just changing zodiac signs, it is rendered weak and a bit tenuous. Mars will be leaving a very strong position and moving into a more moderate, somewhat weaker position. During this transit, Saturn will also aspect Mars, creating discord, irritability, frustration and hesitation to act.  There will be a sense that there are blocks or restrictions in getting projects to move forward.  This is the general case when Mars is influenced by Saturn.  At the very least expect a bit of a slow down to manifest.  So, it’s wise to be more patient than usual during November and December and slow down a bit with actions and expectations for progress.

Venus turns direct, just as Mercury turns retrograde on November 16th:

It is unusual for Venus to turn direct on the same day as Mercury turns retrograde, particularly since Venus does not turn retrograde very often.  This planetary movement takes place on 11/16.   Venus will turn direct in its own strong sign of Libra and continue to transit there until January 1st 2019.   With a strong transiting Venus in force, this helps improve all types of interpersonal relationships, negotiations, mediation and legal matters.  This strong Venus transit also benefits, marriage, partnerships, artistic and design endeavors, real estate matters and financials.  

     Later also on 11/16, Mercury turns retrograde in Scorpio, joining with Jupiter and the Sun for the rest of November.   Mercury then turns direct in Scorpio on 12/6.  While Mercury is retrograde for half of November, it creates a strong research-oriented atmosphere.  Mercury retrograde intensifies and over-emphasizes analysis, over-thinking situations and this alters perception and decision-making.  It’s excessive mental energy run to the extreme.  For this reason, it’s best to postpone major decisions, signing contracts and starting projects until Mercury is moving direct again.  In this particular situation, Mercury benefits from the positive influence from Jupiter also transiting in Scorpio.  This is a good time to do background research on anything of importance.  Investigate, evaluate, ponder, and dig deep to uncover hidden information/facts while Mercury is retrograding through Scorpio.  Then, compile your information and use it to your benefit  after  12/6 when Mercury turns direct.  

     When the mind is overwhelmed under Mercury retrograde, decisions tend to be rushed, and later need to be reversed.  It’s as if one’s mind is receiving too much information and stimuli to sort it all out logically.  Perception is altered which throws off one’s better judgment.  For this reason, major decisions are best made when Mercury is both strong and not retrograde. While Mercury retrogrades through Scorpio, it is a time period where hidden issues or people from your past may come back to resolve old issues.  This transit tends to bring out deep psychological issues or trauma that remains unresolved.  It is a good time to acknowledge such issues as they are recognized, and attempt to clear and resolve these concerns.  It’s particularly beneficial for psychotherapy and psychotherapeutic evaluation.

The Sun joins with both Jupiter and Mercury this month:

Another unusual and interesting transit takes place in November involving the Sun’s transit.  On 11/16, just as Mercury and Venus reverse apparent motion, the Sun will move into Scorpio concurrently. With so much planetary shifting happening on 11/16, it is best to stay in neutral and don’t make any major moves or decisions during this time.   On 11/25, Jupiter will be exactly conjunct (combust) with the Sun at 9 degrees.  While this Jupiter/Sun conjunction does promote great optimism, positive attitudes, expansion and support, it is also quite intense of a conjunction.  The tendency to be a bit blind and perceive situations as much more positive than they truly are in reality, can lead to erroneous ideas, assumptions and decisions which are overly optimistic and unrealistic.  Once this conjunction passes, reality sets in and the exuberance fades.  Be cautious with over-spending tendencies while Jupiter is combust in Scorpio and Venus is strong in Libra during November.   

     Finally, on 11/27, retrograde Mercury conjuncts the Sun (combust) at approximately 11 degrees Scorpio.  Later that day on 11/27, Mercury and Jupiter then form a tight conjunction at 10 degrees Scorpio.  These transits create a powerful, intensified energy for Mercury’s expression.  It’s an excellent time for research and background examination.  But, remain cautious and go slow with signing contracts, major decisions and commitments during the last few days of November.  Overall, it’s quite a busy month with several the planetary changes taking place.  With so much activity in the atmosphere, sometimes it’s best to stay still and be observant, while the planets settle in, before moving forward with future plans and long-term commitments.