Vedic Astrological Outlook:  April 2020

 Even though it is tempting to blame the planets for our material experience, it’s important to remember that Vedic Astrology is a symbolic system, showing us the truth and reality of our situation, with proper interpretation.  The planets don’t inherently harm us or have anything against us.  The planets offer us insight into what is going on in our world.  Then we interpret and apply meaning to certain planetary positions and configurations.  It’s challenging to face the painful reality of certain situations. However, on the other side of that coin is the opportunity for having a deeper awakening and understanding, as well as facing your “truth”, the good, bad and the ugly that is within every human being.  That being said, taking a balanced perspective, let’s see what the planets can tell us about April 2020.

Four Planets Transiting in Capricorn Rule:  They Form the Focal Point for April 

The sign of Capricorn represents solidity and reality.  Many decades ago, there was a radio show in South FLA (back in the 1970’s) called “Reality Ranch.”  That’s a great description of Capricorn’s motto and Saturn’s message to us.  Capricorn is an imminently pragmatic sign, and it is the worker’s sign, preferring continuous, patient, long-term, diligent productivity, hard work, conservative use of resources, stoicism, and demanding hard core proof of ideas, philosophies and hypotheses.  Under Capricorn, ideas and procedures have to make logical sense or they are rejected.  It represents management of resources, accountability, reliability and fulfilling what one agrees or promises to do.  Its symbol is the goat climbing a mountain.  Being an earth sign, planets in Capricorn take this “practical approach” which is grounded in taking responsibility for one’s actions and decisions.  This is the prominent energetic background which will continue, while Saturn transits through Capricorn until 1-17-2023.  

 The “reality ranch” of this transit is that we must face our weakest points, and put our money where our mouth is, fulfill what is promised, figure out what needs improvement and fix it, or work on resolving weaknesses.  If we don’t rise to the challenge, then Saturn’s message will get markedly louder.  It’s not a hard concept to understand because Saturn in Capricorn is very real and transparent and directly gives us information about what’s working okay and what definitely needs repair or resolution.  

    For April, Jupiter, Pluto, Mars and Saturn all transit together through the sign of Capricorn.  It’s not all bad news.  Saturn is very strong in its own sign and Mars is exalted in Capricorn.  This combination is powerful for strength, stamina and all types of technology, engineering, hardware development, construction projects, building, working with the hands and it’s good for scientific endeavors.  These areas should prosper, even during a challenging worldly pandemic.  

    However, when together, strong Saturn and Mars are at war with each other, as they are bitter enemies and forced to live in tight quarters, at least temporarily during April.  Mars wants to go fast, move ahead independently and not be detained by any set of rules imposed by some other controlling authority.  Saturn follows the rules, slows things down and demands accountability, control, management and continued perseverance.  Both of these strong forces are now at work in the atmosphere.   So, this is a classic “push/pull” situation, one foot forward, two steps back.  Eventually, that turns into two steps forward and one foot back!   There is a sense of being trapped in tight quarters when these two planets transit so close together, each wanting to go a different way.   This is what we are facing now with this pandemic.  It’s a slow process to see this through to the other side.  But, that brighter day will come.  Mars leaves Capricorn on May 4th and moves ahead into Aquarius.  That time frame should signal some measurable amount of improvement with slowing down the pandemic and will likely indicate the beginning of a gradual reduction on the curve of new Covid-19 virus cases.  

    Also, when Jupiter retrogrades back to Sagittarius, after June 29th, that should signal more significant improvement and reduction of viral spread and a reduction in new cases of the disease.  The summer and early fall months should signal temporary economic improvement (at some level) and perhaps a resurgence of spending due to pent-up demand. This should also signal an improvement in jobs and employment (people getting back to work) to some degree. Since Jupiter is one of the major travel planets (rules the 9th and 12th houses governing long distance travel), July – October might also be a time when traveling increases in general.  Note how all “non-essential” travel has become the norm, just as Jupiter got weaker and weaker, and how long distance travel virtually has come to a standstill once Jupiter entered Capricorn and joined with Saturn. 

    Another issue that I have been discussing is the much higher propensity for explosions of all types, natural and man-made.  This includes a greater tendency for stronger earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, gas explosions and other violent eruptions.  The pressure is very high when Mars and Saturn with Pluto are in strong, tight positions transiting together.  April is likely to be the month when we witness stronger, more pronounced earthquakes, especially in the western states and particularly in California.  There have already been two strong earthquakes recently in the U.S., one in Idaho a few days ago and one in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Oklahoma might also be at greater risk.  

    That leaves Saturn and Jupiter transiting together, along with the outer planet Pluto during May and until June 29th.   Note that Jupiter is very weak in its debilitated sign of Capricorn, at an early degree, hammered by Saturn and associated with explosive, transformative Pluto.  With Jupiter in this position, we notice more fear, anxiety, less optimism, concern about resources, finances and it indicates a stronger belief of scarcity.  In the sign Capricorn, Jupiter functions quite differently from its usual nature.  Instead of reflecting abundant, bright and sunny, optimistic and hopeful qualities, Jupiter in this position focuses on practicality, material reality and strengthening while conserving resources, saving for a rainy day and pulling in unrealistic ideas about abundance always being there.  There are costs involved.  Sometimes, the well does run dry.   

    Until Jupiter retrogrades back to Sagittarius on June 29th, and then further into July, this attitude will permeate the atmosphere.  As I wrote in last month’s newsletter, fear or worry about scarcity of critical resources, food, medications and money will grow stronger while Jupiter is in Capricorn.   This Jupiter condition is a shorter term “prelude” to what we will experience more fully when Jupiter spends the next year (from 11-20-2020 until 11-20-2021) transiting Capricorn with Saturn.  This is why I have predicted for a long time now, that an economic downturn will take place starting at the end of this year and going forward through most of 2021.  This indicates the necessity for a realignment of finances, resource allocation and making clear determinations about which resources can be removed and reduced for individuals and businesses. Think of this as a great time to clear out all of the excess clutter, useless baggage and weight that holds you back on all levels, mentally, emotionally and physically.  This is a great time to get your life in order and reprioritize what matters to you most.  This attitude is especially related to the nakshatra of Shravana, which falls in the middle portion of the sign Capricorn.

     During this unusual historic time, we are virtually forced to look within on a deeper level.  It is as if the Universe is telling the entire population, to stop everything and go inward.  Really figure out what is necessary, reprioritize your values and your actions in every way, or pay a price.  Here is our chance to make some changes that are necessary and to look more closely at the man or woman in the mirror.  Pluto is all about deep massive transformation, really deep change, not superficial change---- change where you don’t even recognize yourself from who you were before.  This is happening on many levels, not just personal.  Sometimes, we have to blow things up in order to clear the air. That is exactly what Pluto signifies.  It may not be pretty, easy, convenient or polite, but it is necessary.   Stagnation, complacency, gluttony, ignorance, gullibility, “who one trusts” have to be re-examined during such a time as we are in now.

Venus is strong in April:   The Bright Silver-lining 

    Here is a completely opposite perspective, coming from Venus for the next four months. On March 27th, Venus entered its own strong sign of Taurus, where it is comfortable and performs well.  Venus is the planet ruling finance, pleasure, relationships, food/cooking, beauty, theatre, all of the arts, music, creative endeavors, healing, gardening, landscape, design, as well as governing real estate and vehicles.  Venus will spend a particularly long time transiting through Taurus this year because it will retrograde on 5/13 and then leave Taurus on 7/31.  Therefore, we experience a particularly long transit of Venus in a strong position.  Notice the overlap, when Jupiter will move back to its strong position on 6/29. So, Venus and Jupiter will perform well during July this year.   This shows improvement in these above areas during July.  Real estate matters will likely improve and overall economic activity will pick up to some degree between July – September.  

    For now, tapping into some of this strong Venus energy is quite beneficial, especially during such a stressful time that many people are experiencing.  This is an excellent period for expanding beauty around you in any shape or form, and to explore your creative, artistic side. This transit favors all types of artistic and design efforts, fixing up the house, beautifying the environment, and especially planting gardens and landscapes.  Venus will transit through Rohini nakshatra between 4/8 and 4/27.  Venus in Rohini is particularly strong for marriage, relationships, fertility, creative endeavors, the growth of plants, trees, landscape, agriculture and all types of growth.  It is interesting that the construction industry is the one major area of the U.S. economy that is exempt from federal/state requirements to close business.  Those industries continue to thrive during this otherwise, major economic slowdown.  This is seen by Venus transiting through its own strong position of Taurus.  

    The weakness of Jupiter reflects more of the economic downturn and reductions in spending, in contrast to the strong Venus which is concurrently in force.  This shows that some areas of the economy remain strong, while other areas that have no practical utility are quite weak.  

    In sum, the planets reflect to us both the darker and brighter sides of our individual natures, and the reality of our material existence.  Yet, we have some degree of choice over how we want to interpret and deal with these events as the unfold.  This unprecedented time calls for deepening inner awareness at a more profound level.  It’s a challenge for us to rise to the occasion, stay pragmatic and persevere in true Capricorn style.   

Be Well, Stay Practical in Mind and Strong in Spirit!