​​​​Vedic Astrological Outlook: June 2021

     This month of June 2021 is a turbulent roller coaster astrologically, to say the least.    In fact, the period between June 1st through July 20th is marked by the challenging opposition aspect between Saturn and Mars, with Mars transiting its weakest, debilitated position of Cancer during this entire period.  Mars and Saturn are both considered malefics and when provoked, they can be explosive, as they are bitter enemies.  Moreover, Mercury has turned retrograde and will continue to retrograde through June 22nd.  In between all of this, an annular solar eclipse takes place on June 10th at approximately 25 degrees Taurus, in the nakshatra of Mrigashira, ruled by Mars.   Retrograde Mercury gets caught up in this upcoming annular solar eclipse as it retrogrades to the exact eclipse point on 6/11 and 6/12, with repercussions involving Mercury’s significations.   

     Even with difficult transits taking place this month, we can still learn and be more aware and observant during this astrologically stressful period.  This is one of the weakest months of the year, requiring us to go within, be more disciplined, demonstrate self-control and center one’s mind and consciousness deliberately, on a daily basis.   Needless to say, this is not the best month for initiating important projects or voluntary surgical/medical procedures and it is challenging for travel and completing tasks in a timely manner.  

      The social atmosphere heats up substantially in a more irritating, negative direction.  This month calls upon us to slow down, lower expectations/desires for moving forward with plans, while also making extra allowances for unexpected changes or detours with projects.  Maintaining a cool, balanced outlook and taking stock of one’s present situation, while favoring introspection for the time being, will help during this month.

     The increased tendency for setbacks involving containment of the Coronavirus  (Covid-19) or increased spread of mutant variant strains in present.   Financial market upsets, increased flooding, storm/hurricane formation, wildfires set by arson, heat waves, increases in volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, and even more mass shootings, random gun violence, bombings and terrorist attacks (cyber or otherwise) unfortunately, are also more likely to occur, during this period.  

Mars transit in debilitated Cancer:

     On 6/1, Mars transits into the sign of Cancer and will remain there until 7-20-2021.  This is Mars’ weakest position and it receives no help from Jupiter this time.  Instead, Mars receives the malefic aspect of a strong Saturn and an aspect from malefic Ketu.   With Mars in weak condition during this period, the likelihood of aggression, difficulty controlling anger, irritability, impulsiveness and restlessness increases.  It is a frustrating transit, where desires are challenged, the ability to make rapid progress is curtailed, projects are delayed, restricted or have to be altered, and push/pull (passive/aggressive) social interactions become obvious.  Saturn wants Mars to slow down, go back over its work and follow the rules.  Mars wants to move forward rapidly and does not have any interest in confinement, slowing down or following rigid organizational rules or traditions.  This combination forms a boiling pot ready to burst.  

     During the period between 6/7 – 6/28, debilitated, afflicted Mars will transit through Pushya nakshatra, which is associated with nourishment, growth/prosperity, education and wisdom.   Problems in these domains are likely to erupt.  The likelihood of a new food-borne illness, contamination of elements of the food supply, interruption with the food supply or food shortages increases. 

     Then, Mars moves into Ashlesha nakshatra from late 6/28 – 7/20.  The period of Mars moving through Ashlesha is more problematic and reflects a period for higher criminal activity, deception and angry rebellion, in general.      

     Additional food contamination, and a possible major outbreak of food poisoning involving toxic bacteria or other parasitic infection during this time are likely outcomes.  Separately, there might also be contamination of pharmaceutical agents, public swimming pools or other bodies of water.  Accidents on or over the water are also more likely.   This is a phase where a rise (or new outbreak/relapse) in Coronavirus infections may occur, or some complications involving this viral infection and/or its prophylaxis or therapies/treatments manifests.   This might also be a time when new information comes out about the origin of this viral agent, and the possibility of effective therapeutics become available. 

     Keep in mind that this Saturn/Mars transit is taking place across the U.S. 2nd/8th house axis, with Saturn in the 2nd house and Mars in the 8th.  These are both major financial houses, so this area is likely to be hit rather suddenly and unexpectedly.  Transiting Mars conjuncts the U.S. natal Mercury on 6/6 and 6/7 in the 8th house, involving transformation/change, complications and chronic problems.  In this chart, Mercury rules the 7th house of other countries and the 10th house of the government itself.  This transit reflects that there are likely to be some challenges coming from foreign countries during June involving difficult negotiations and antagonism with the U.S.    Astrologically, transiting Mars on one side and transiting Rahu on the other side of the U.S. 7th house forms a negative papa-kartari yoga during June and most of July.  This is problematic for dealings with other countries, including U.S. allies, for negotiations, mediations, business dealings, trade and other interpersonal communications. 

    In sports, there are likely to be controversial situations, heightened aggression and extreme competition leading to violent outbursts in groups.  This may manifest as a violent mob confrontation related to the way a game is scored or called for a certain team or player.  The conjunction of transiting Mars in Ashlesha, over the U.S. natal Rahu occurs on 6/27, and the Moon is conjunct Saturn in Capricorn receiving the aspect of Mars on that date.  This may be a day of extreme bloody violence taking place, major challenges, bombings, or other destructive events.

Mercury is Retrograde until 6/22:

       Mercury recently turned retrograde in early Gemini and will continue its retrograde motion until 6/22.  Mercury will then enter the sign of Taurus on 6/2 and transit there for the rest of June.  Mercury will also transit to the solar eclipse point of 25 degrees Taurus on 6/11 and 6/12, just after the solar eclipse occurs.   Mercury is transiting through Mrigashira for this entire retrograde period, and the annular solar eclipse is taking place in Mrigashira.  This is a nakshatra that is associated with travel, especially roads, generalized restlessness, searching, fulfilling one’s desires and seeking pleasures at a cost, if taking that behavior too far, as well as challenging the credibility, authority and authenticity of other’s words or beliefs.   It’s also a nakshatra connected to healing.   These are the themes associated with this solar eclipse and Mercury’s involvement.

     There are likely to be more prominent travel delays, breakdowns with communications on the Internet and otherwise, setbacks obtaining products, mix-ups/confusion with communications and appointments, as well as increased arguments and challenges on truth, philosophy and credibility.   Keep in mind, we have the concurrent debilitated Mars/Saturn transit happening simultaneously, which increases the likelihood of aggression, impatience, frustration, high tempers, short fuses and road rage events as well.  It’s not that you should completely stay off the road, but rather keep a wider safe distance and be more defensive than usual with driving and traveling.  Let the other guy go ahead of you this month, for example, and slow down.

The Annular Solar Eclipse of June 10th:

       This solar eclipse is annular, meaning that most of the Sun’s light is blocked by the New Moon, except for a small circular outer ring of light visible around the Sun’s edges.  It’s a partial solar eclipse in the U.S. and its path is more direct (and therefore more influential) and visible over parts of northeastern Canada, Greenland, and part of Russia. It’s a partial solar eclipse across Europe and northern Asia.  This solar eclipse is taking place at 25 degrees Taurus in Mrigashira.   The influence of Mars’ weak, afflicted condition is connected to this eclipse since Mars governs Mrigashira, and Mars is weak at this time, so it does not bode well.

     As Mercury makes its way to this eclipse point, there may be more revelations this month regarding Russia’s communications, involvement with cyber terrorism, election influence, and with human rights issues related to that country.  It’s interesting that President Biden will be meeting with Putin in person on June 16th.  At least the Moon is nicely aspected by Jupiter on that date, and it’s favorable for Joe Biden’s chart.  At times, an eclipse marks a turning point or watershed moment that comes at a later time.  In this case, Mercury retrogrades right over the eclipse point, just a few days later, as it retrogrades into Taurus, so it is the most influential planet regarding its influence with this particular eclipse and the results are more rapid in this case.  This is interesting to monitor for related events between 6/7 – 6/17.

      The U.S. chart does not have any planets located along this eclipse axis.  But, Donald Trump’s chart does.  His Sun is at 29:49 degrees Taurus in Mrigashira, which is less than a 5-degree orb of influence from this eclipse.  The Sun rules his Leo Lagna (1st house-self, health, ego, self-worth, reputation) and it is in his 10th house of career.  Mercury rules two of his major financial houses, the 2nd and 11th.  Mercury will transit via retrograde directly over his natal Sun on 6/2 and 6/3, and then Mercury will hit the 25-degree eclipse point on 6/11 and 6/12.  It’s possible that he will start increasing his communications more publicly (governed by Mercury) and that he will get into more legal trouble involving his business finances, tax returns and other illegal dealings from the past during this month.  The eclipse is also influencing his health, worldly status, reputation, career plans, and revealing his tendency to judge, challenge, blame others and question the credibility and authenticity of the press, media and legal system---all associated with the eclipse taking place near his Sun, in his 10th house and in Mrigashira.  This eclipse stings him a bit during June and July, especially due to the afflicted transit of Mars transiting his 12th house of loss, expenses and debts and negatively aspecting his 6th house governing health and competitors, as well as legal matters.

      In sum, the month of June 2021 presents a challenging series of planetary transits that reflect struggles and difficulties along several spheres.  It’s best to take a step back this month, observe, stay still, centered and use more measured communications and self-discipline.  Try not to react too quickly if irritated and annoyed.  It’s a better month for meditation, observation and introspection vs. starting new projects and advancing plans and purchases.   Restlessness and irritability can be channeled and transmuted more positively through exercise, yoga, walking, hiking or other techniques.   As all planets move over time, this too shall pass and the light shines more brightly again further down the road.