Vedic Astrological Outlook:  July 2019

Mercury Turns Retrograde:

    On 7/7, Mercury turns retrograde in the water sign of Cancer, in Pushya nakshatra, conjunct debilitated Mars and aspected by Jupiter. Mercury turns direct on August 1st.   Mercury in a water sign associated with the impatient influence of Mars reflects emotionally-laden communications that are rushed and influenced more by feelings rather than objective or factual information.  When Mercury is also retrograde, this intensifies and complicates the information flow, to a great extent.  Hence you might surmise that this is not the best time to engage in starting new projects, signing important documents or other calculation-based activities that require precision and analytical thinking. If you have to engage in these matters, be extra cautious, slow down and double check documents for accuracy and mistakes. 

    The influence of Mercury transiting through Pushya puts an emphasis on learning, educational institutions and dealing with professional advisors this month.  It is a good time to reevaluate your knowledge base, where you obtain advice, how you get information and whether that information is complete and accurate.  Mercury retrograde periods tend to be beneficial for going back and reevaluating information. 

 If you are in school or working on a degree, this is a good time to do a thorough review of your level of understanding in your studies.  Do you need to review and go back over certain coursework?  Did you skip or miss some important facets?  Do you need to reread certain texts or publications for clarification or to deepen your knowledge of the subject?  In general, this is a good time to deepen one’s understanding or knowledge base, no matter what the area or field of interest. 

    On the other hand, complications arising within educational institutions, mistakes, errors or oversights are all the more likely during July.  There are likely to bet some heated debates and discussions on education, philosophy of life and spirituality in general.  

    Separately, recheck calculations, receipts, summaries, conclusions and billing statements.  The tendency for impatient, irritable and angry speech is more likely.  It’s best to pause, stop and think before engaging in an argument.  Slow down decisions, as well as oral and written communications.  Reread emails and texts before sending too quickly.  Go back through your old files, thin them out and reevaluate where you stand at this time.

    Mercury retrograde periods are often times when either issues, or mechanical problems that occurred in the past resurface, especially if they started under a previous Mercury retrograde period.  This particular Mercury retrograde might bring up previous concerns around plumbing problems, leaks, water contamination or blockages.   Sometimes, unresolved issues with other people who appear to come out of the woodwork arise, unexpectedly.   It is a good month for resolving those concerns if relevant. 

    Note that Mercury and Mars are tightly conjunct at 10 degrees Cancer on 7/9, a particularly stressful and intense day due to the close proximately of these two planets. Mercury is highly afflicted on this date, so it’s best to monitor communications more closely. Volatility is more likely.  

    The fact that Jupiter concurrently aspects both Mercury and Mars during July is beneficial.  It adds a helpful, supportive influence and optimism for situations to resolve and potentially work out more favorably later. Even with the obvious complications or confusion that might arise during this month, Jupiter’s influence alleviates some of the frustration and lends itself for a better outcome and the chance to solve some long-standing problems associated with this afflicted Mercury.

Transiting Mercury’s condition and the U.S. Chart:

    Notice that Mercury will be transiting through the U.S. 8th house governing turmoil, complications, transformation and change in the U.S. chart.  Mercury rules both the 7th house (partnerships with other countries) and the 10th house (representing the president and government of the country).   Mercury is also involved in business and trade matters.  We see that Mercury moves to the 8th house of changes and Mercury represents other countries in the U.S. chart.  It’s quite possible that one or more countries changes direction/attitude about it’s association with the U.S., especially involving trade and commerce matters, for better or worse.  This could relate to China and the U.S. coming to some new agreement involving trade.  There can also be a separation, ending or dissolving of a partnership during this month, between the U.S. and another country.  

    The president is also likely to change his perspective, become even more restless and quick with his speech.  He is likely to reevaluate previous decisions, cut off or fire certain people and otherwise change direction and try a new approach to some matters during July.  

Total Solar Eclipse on 7/2 and Lunar Eclipse on 7/16:

    There will be a Total Solar eclipse (New Moon in Gemini/Ardra nakshatra) on 7/2. This solar eclipse takes place in the U.S. chart’s 7th house where it also has Venus and Jupiter residing.  Generally, solar eclipse periods provide some clues about issues to pay attention to, for a period of the next 6 -12 months, especially if a person or country has planets located near the eclipse point.  Ardra is associated with storms, rain, and cleansing, as well as healing, medicine, animal welfare and emotions.   It is symbolized by the “tear drop”, reflecting pain, upsets and sorrow, as well as protesting, complaining, irritability, dissatisfaction and heightened emotional expression. 

     With Ardra, there is a desire to find an identity and to go on a search for finding one’s rightful place in the family or the world.  It’s not one of the more peaceful nakshatras and it tends to have a lot of turmoil associated with it.   If there is no storm, one will be created.  It’s as if the “storm” is required to shake things up, cleanse the atmosphere and start all over from a better place.  That describes some of the energy of Ardra.  An eclipse taking place in Ardra does not predict stability and peace.  Rather, it shows that more turmoil and storminess is on the horizon, before a return to calm can manifest. 

      If we consider the Mercury retrograde transiting through an emotional water sign of Cancer joined with debilitated Mars AND this Total Solar eclipse taking place in Ardra, the likely outcome points to high levels of unbridled emotional expression, restlessness, searching, irritability, dissatisfaction and the tendency to act rashly without better judgment.  Even though the U.S. is not experiencing the direct path of this eclipse, the U.S. still has Venus and Jupiter in Ardra. So, the next 6 months are likely to be filled with protests in the country, dissatisfaction, irritability, and decisions that come out of emotional reasoning (not logic).    Venus rules the 6th and 11th houses in the U.S. chart, which rules health, self-improvement, animals/pets, as well as large organizations, group activities and meeting the desires of the country.  These areas are challenged as reflected by this particular eclipse.   These areas need some attention in the U.S. and these domains may go through some significant attitude changes about what true healing actually is and how it should exist in terms of the health care system overall.  The 6th house also governs animals and pets and Ardra’s desire (shakti) is to be the lord of the animals.  So, this points to a time when we have to pay more attention to the plight of animals and how we treat them as a country.  

      Moreover, the possibility of a hotter summer season, and yet higher humidity, higher rainfall amounts than normal and windstorms (hurricanes) grows throughout the month.  It’s been quiet in the Atlantic, but that may be about to change.  Accidents happening over the water, boating accidents and flooding are more likely as well (part if this is related to debilitated Mars moving through Cancer).  

      On 7/16, the partial Lunar eclipse (full Moon in Sagittarius/Uttara Ashadha nakshatra) takes place.  This eclipse takes place in the 1st house of the U.S. chart.  The U.S. has been experiencing Saturn/Ketu transiting there for the past 2+ years, showing the pressure, stress and strain on the country.  This lunar eclipse taking place in the U.S. 1st house in Uttara Ashadha, reflects the need for the U.S. to persevere, define its true priorities and strive to be better.  This nakshatra interprets as “later victory,” and it is associated with Ganesha (remover of obstacles).  The desire is to reach for the higher good in life and to be successful after efforts are applied. 

     Eclipse dates are generally periods to take it slow, not exert oneself materially, and to turn more inward.  These are not beneficial times to start anything of importance, as the energy is weakened.   These are times best for reflection, inner work and looking more deeply at oneself and one’s place in the world at large.