Vedic Astrological Monthly Outlook:   May 2018

Mars becomes exalted and powerful:

    The most dramatic shift this month involves the planet Mars, which moves out of Sagittarius (and its difficult conjunction with Saturn), into its exalted, powerful sign of Capricorn.  This transit offers Mars much more room to behave in a manner that it is more in tune with his own true nature.  When Mars is strong and unrestricted, the ability to conquer projects, move rapidly ahead and act independently and courageously is prominent. 

     For the past two months, you may have felt a sense of push/pull, frustration, experienced a greater number of complications in your life, the desire to move forward, while concurrently experiencing certain restrictions, obstacles and problems preventing you from either making a decision, making progress or advancing desired projects/events.  This is reflected through the conjunction of Mars and Saturn.  That has now ended, and as of May 2nd, Mars entered the exalted constellation of Capricorn, where it will transit for an extra long period of time.   Mars will turn retrograde in Capricorn on June 26th and then turn direct again on August 27th.  Finally, Mars will complete its transit through Capricorn as of November 5, 2018.   Due to the retrogradation of Mars, this is a particularly long period of time for Mars to transit through this powerful sign, where it is usually most comfortable.  

     However, Mars will not be alone while in Capricorn, since Ketu is also transiting there with Mars through the entire period.  Mars and Ketu share some qualities in common, and some are not so sweet and pretty.  Both Mars and Ketu reflect violent and accident-prone tendencies and when they get together, it tends to multiply the level of dissatisfaction, protesting, arguments, rough debates, violent outbursts, explosions, bombings, fires and war.  Whatever Ketu touches, it becomes a bit restless and irritated and hot.  Whatever Mars touches also becomes a bit restless, hot and irritated.  Sometimes the irritation produces a good result, offering high energy and motivation, gets the project moving, brings courageous, fearless actions, or even creates a pearl out of a roughed up grain of sand.  A strong Mars gets a person up Mount Everest, against all odds.   At other times, the irritation produces chaos, impatience, angry outbursts and anarchy.  While Mars and Ketu transit together, these tendencies multiply.  They are laced with a desire for perfection and a constant irritability that is hard to quench.   

     So, the question is, will this irritability be productive and reflect advancement in the world or will this irritability reflect chaos, protests and destruction?  It’s likely to be a combination of both.    These features will dominate the atmosphere between May – early November 2018, while this Mars/Ketu transit manifests.  There is likely to be a higher propensity for arguments, debates, protests and fights during this transit, as a result of an abundance of impatience in the atmosphere.  The period between 5/11 - 5/14 is particularly vulnerable since Mars will also make a close square aspect to Mercury (planet governing communications) during this time.  Mercury will be transiting through Aries, the sign governed by Mars and can be feisty in and of itself.  The Moon gets caught up in that transit on 5/13 & 5/14 also, so that will be a time to count to ten or take a long, deep breath before starting an argument or debate.  You may read or hear some particularly wild, harsh and angry twitter or media commentary during that time since it will be hard for individuals to hold back on their opinions.  

     On the other side of the coin, Mars can potentially perform very well in Capricorn, even with the Ketu influence.   Capricorn is a sign that signifies sustained productivity, perseverance, seriousness, hard work and practicality.  It is the “worker’s sign” in a nutshell. Mars in Capricorn is great for having high motivation and stamina levels.   This is excellent for technological and mechanical precision, diligently working long hours, as well as persevering on projects and striving for outstanding results and excellence.  It can bring about some profound scientific results and it is likely to be a period for engineering and computer software advancements.  This is an excellent time to engage in sports, compete, excel, strive for excellence in physical endeavors and to become more devoted to your exercise program on a regular basis.   Mars and Ketu together promote and are indicative of all martial arts, including Tai Chi practice, Karate, and Qigong, for example.  With the warmer temperatures and summer on the horizon, it will be a great time to walk, run, hike and climb mountains while this strong Mars is in force.  

The movements of Venus, the Sun and Mercury during May:

      During the first two weeks of May, both the Sun and Venus remain very strong, since they are transiting through their exalted and own signs, respectively.  This period generally bodes well for feeling more confidence, improving the health, making improvements to home, property and landscape, engaging in real estate transactions, making major or minor purchases, as well as engaging in artistic, musical or creative pursuits.  

     On May 14th, both Venus and the Sun transit to the next constellation, respectively.  Venus moves out of its strong position of Taurus into Gemini and the Sun moves out of its exalted Aries position into Taurus.   Both planets lose some strength and prominence at this time.  While Venus will transit to a friendly sign of Gemini, it also receives the aspects of Saturn and Jupiter, concurrently.   This balances out the impact on Venus, allowing the planet to function reasonably well.  Venus will transit through Gemini until June 8th.   During this period, Venus in this position, promotes a lot of extra communication, the desire for travel, learning, exploring and trying a wider variety of options.  This is also a time when relationships may be examined and discussed objectively (what’s working and what needs to change or improve).  

     It’s noteworthy that Venus will transit through the 7th house of the U.S. Vedic astrological chart, which is during the time frame that the United States is supposed to meet with North Korea.  With Venus transiting the 7th house, that brings a sweeter influence coming from another country toward the U.S.  It may be short-lived, but it is interesting that this transit will take place at the anticipated time that this meeting is expected to occur. Keep in mind, that the Mars/Ketu conjunction and the Mars aspect to Mercury is also taking place at that same time.  So, there will likely be disagreements in perspective and irritability coming from both sides.  The agreement won’t be “perfect” enough for either side.  Yet, the other country is likely to try to sweeten its stance and present itself as open-minded, generous and willing to negotiate with the U.S. during the latter half of May.  

     Mercury will also be in a stronger position as it will move into Aries on May 9th, moving out of debilitation and now receiving a more beneficial aspect from Jupiter.  This improves communications, even if they will tend to be rapid, forceful and direct. May is a good month to get projects moving, focusing on productivity and taking action, as well as advancing individual health and exercise routines.