Vedic Astrological Outlook:  November 2019

Mercury Retrogrades in November:

    Mercury turned retrograde in Scorpio on 10/31 and will move back to Libra on 11/7, in Vishaka nakshatra.  Mercury continues to retrograde until 11/20, then turns direct in the sign of Libra in Swati nakshatra.  This Mercury retrograde will facilitate the opportunity to revisit past relationships and to resolve some longstanding, unresolved conflicts or  issues.  Mercury is the “messenger” planet and governs communications and decision-making.  The intensity of Mercury is magnified while moving in retrograde motion, which is often experienced as being too concentrated and overflowing.  For this reason, there are often breakdowns and misunderstandings in all types of communications while Mercury retrogrades.  There may be too much information coming in at once which creates confusion.  It can be hard to think clearly and decisively, during such times.  Therefore, it is recommended to wait on signing important contracts or making major (hard-to-reverse) decisions, until after Mercury turns direct on 11/20.  

    Meanwhile, this is a good month to resolve and clear the air in regard to longstanding issues with other individuals. Retrograde Mercury in Libra focuses on relationships and it’s interesting that this transit tends to correlate with certain people returning to your life, especially if there is something unfinished between you.  This may be experienced as if out of the blue, you receive a phone call or correspondence from that individual after many seasons have past. Vishaka means “the forked one” and refers to a fork in the road, which path to take, right or left?  One’s values and desires come up for review during this Mercury retrograde, as it promotes reconsidering your goals, direction and intention.  

    With Mercury behaving as a temporarily overwhelmed messenger, it’s more likely for mistakes and errors to arise during this time.  Be more aware, recheck situations, appointments and commitments.  Be on the lookout for calculation errors and other mishaps.  It is a good time to backup computer data, check your computer security settings and pay attention to other mechanicals that may need maintenance or repair.  Delays and breakdowns in transportation are more pronounced during Mercury retrograde periods as well.  Allow extra time if traveling.

The Mars/Saturn mutual aspect continues until 11/7:

    During the previous month, individuals with Virgo and Sagittarius chart focal points have received a harder simultaneous transit hit from the malefic planets, Saturn and Mars, especially since 9/24 when Mars entered Virgo.  During the past five weeks, Mars and Saturn have been transiting through Virgo & Sagittarius, respectively and aspecting mutual signs.    Mars will leave Virgo on 11/7 and that will take the rough, irritated and anxiety-laden edge off, especially for individuals with strong Virgo influence in their charts.  However, Saturn continues to transit through Sagittarius until1-24-2020.  After that time, the Sagittarius/Gemini axis and Virgo will begin to feel less pressure and challenge, which has been in force for over the past 2 years.   Virgo will get relief from both Mars and Saturn transits, respectively, moving out of the square aspect.  After 1-24-2020, Saturn will move to Capricorn, it’s own sign, and completely release its association with Ketu.  Those with Sagittarius/Gemini will feel some relief and reduction of stress, pressures and strain in their life experience.

Jupiter Moves to Sagittarius & will transit there until 11-20-2020:

    On 11/4, Jupiter moves out of Scorpio and makes its yearly transit to the next zodiac sign, of Sagittarius.  Jupiter rules Sagittarius, and so it functions quite well and comfortably there.  However, until 1-24-2020, Jupiter will transit with both Saturn and Ketu, which curtails the normally generous, and optimistic, expansive experience that Jupiter potentially can bring.  Jupiter is in a comfortable place, but has difficult company until late January.  It’s as if you went to a wonderful party, where you are comfortable, feel welcomed and expect to enjoy yourself, but some negative, annoying people showed up who were seated at your table and tainted your otherwise positive experience.   But, they leave after 1/24 and the optimism and expansive idealism will return.  

    Jupiter’s placement in Sagittarius puts strong focus on higher education, learning, religion, spirituality, wisdom, knowledge, philosophy, following the law, ethics and morality.  This brings out strong opinions of “right” and “wrong” in the atmosphere and it will promote more extreme, one-sided thinking, and evangelical attitudes (one’s view is the only “truth”).  Jupiter in Sagittarius brings a strong desire for justice, freedom and fighting for one’s beliefs, especially while Jupiter transits through Mula nakshatra, the first 13 degree 20’ segment of Sagittarius.  The Supreme Court will be very focal and receive a lot of attention for their decisions next year.   There are likely to be some changes on the high court as well. 

     Strong Jupiter will also promote more attention on higher education, striving for higher knowledge, seeking a more refined meaningful life experience, deepening one’s spirituality, seeking the “truth”, and deeper examination and expression of ethical responsibility toward humanity and the planet at large, including larger animals such as horses and elephants.  How we treat the larger natural world is a reflection of how we feel about our individual selves, collectively.  This is the orientation that Jupiter brings during this transit.  Jupiter is very generous, brings a sense of optimism, belief in positive outcomes, expansion and the larger view that in the end, it will all work out for the best.  Jupiter focuses on the “big picture,” not the small, petty details.   When Jupiter is strong and prominent, it tends to be beneficial, expansive and a boon to whatever Jupiter touches.  For this reason, we refer to Jupiter as the “great benefic planet.”   

     This upcoming Jupiter yearly transit has some great potential for all of us if we can tap into it and feel and resonate with that expansive, growthful, positive, spiritualized energy over the next 12 months, even in the midst of the chaos that surrounds us.  The world clearly can benefit from this transit, if we orient to it on the higher level.  Otherwise, it can produce narrow-minded, opinionated thinking, angry one-sided debates and detract from the wiser and optimistic, all-encompassing perspective.  

 Ketu continues to transit in Sagittarius until 9-19-2020, so for most of the next 10 months, both Ketu and Jupiter will transit together (except when Jupiter moves ahead to Capricorn in 2020 and then retrogrades back to Sagittarius).  On the one hand, Jupiter with Ketu can promote financial loss  or debt, and the economy and financial markets may begin to decline as 2020 progresses. 

     On the other hand,  the combination of both Jupiter and Ketu (the two moksha karaka planets) transiting together has the potential to bring about great spiritual awareness and understanding.  There may be some catastrophic situations take place in the world at large next year, environmental, geopolitical and otherwise.  But, out of that anticipated material destruction and suffering, this Jupiter/Ketu transit potentially shows us that we can rise to face the situation, learn from it, bring our more evolved selves to understand it, and become more spiritually aware as a result of the experience.