​​​​Vedic Astrological Outlook: March 2021

           The planets do not appear to be making dramatic shifts this month and perhaps we could all use a break from the intense drama.  There are a few planetary transit changes to note, however.

               On 3/16, Venus moves to its exalted sign of Pisces and continues to transit there until 4/9, when it then moves to Aries.  Venus in Pisces is visionary, creative, artistic, dreamy, intuitive, insightful, charitable, empathic and generous.  So, the general flavor of this Venus transit is positive and will be helpful to some degree for each of us.  However, keep in mind that Saturn continues to throw its aspect onto the sign of Pisces during this year, and in this case, also onto Venus while in Pisces.  Therefore, Venus is somewhat constrained in terms of its strength and influential ability during the latter half of this month. 

              Venus is passing through the 4th house of the U.S. chart and 2nd from the U.S. Moon in Aquarius.  This appears like a combination for inflating the housing market (real estate) and vehicle sales, since these are both major 4th house significations.  We might, therefore, continue to see strong interest and growth in both real estate and vehicle sales during March in the U.S.  However, Saturn is also aspecting the 4th house and Venus this month, and Jupiter remains debilitated with Saturn in Capricorn in March.   For this reason, Venus’ power is somewhat reduced or delayed in terms of its total influence across these domains.   There might be great interest and then less follow through due to restrictions and availability.

     The two major financial planets are both Venus and Jupiter.  With transiting Venus exalted and with transiting Jupiter debilitated, (but conjunct with a strong Saturn (neecha bhanga), we are likely to witness some problems related to financial markets, and then benefits or gains that arrive later as a result of exposing whatever problems need to be corrected first.  As an example of this, right when Jupiter first went into debilitation last year in late March, the markets had a brief downturn scare at first, and then recovered.   The problem of scarcity became very real for many people while Jupiter has been in debility and they have had to face some tough practical (Capricorn) financial decisions for survival.

      Debilitated Jupiter also reflected significant financial problems that many individuals confronted since the pandemic began, one year ago.  Jupiter in Capricorn is not comfortable with financial matters in general.  Yet, it also helps to expose excessiveness, and promotes a serious evaluation of how money and resources are allocated, individually and as a country.   Many people have had to make significant life adjustments as a result, changing priorities and spending habits.  This tendency is still in force during 2021.  Eventually, it will be hard to deny or run away from debts, and with debilitated Jupiter there will be a price to pay in the end, especially while both Jupiter and Saturn are together in Capricorn.  In the U.S. chart, this Jupiter/Saturn in Capricorn conjunction has been transiting through the 2nd house which governs income and finances of the country, since late March 2020.  The U.S. debt has only grown and it is bound to become an even greater burden in the future since it is unsustainable in the long run.  Jupiter/Saturn in Capricorn tends to expose these types of issues for individuals and for larger entities and companies.  If the problem is not confronted, eventually it blows up and the consequences can no longer be denied.

     Mercury shifts into Aquarius, a friendly sign, on 3/11 and will transit there until 3/31.  This releases Mercury’s conjunction with Saturn and will help to improve and relax communications during March.    This position is also good for transportation and this Mercury position reflects a stronger time frame for getting more access to both information and materials, including the vaccines being transported.

    Finally, Mars and Rahu continue to transit together in the sign of Taurus.  This combination in general, promotes impulsiveness, drive, ambition, forcefulness, compulsiveness and fuels desires.  Taurus is the sign governing finances and financial markets, as well as, spending, food, real estate and resources.  This Mars/Rahu transit continues until Mars leaves Taurus on 4/13, and promotes the desire to increase purchases, shopping, over-eating/consuming and growing one’s resources.  When Rahu gets involved with a planet, the desires are often magnified, over-done and hard to satisfy, even though Rahu often brings gains and opportunities related to the planet conjunct Rahu.    Jupiter is also aspecting this Mars/Rahu combination this month, which promotes such desires to even greater heights.  It’s wise to consciously keep spending habits in check this month and ask yourself if you truly need the object of your desire now?   Perhaps wait until Mars separates from Rahu, after April 13th, when cooler heads prevail.