Vedic Astrological Outlook:  March 2019

Mercury Turns Retrograde:

    On March 5th Mercury turns retrograde in the debilitated sign of Pisces.  Then on 3/15, Mercury continues in retrograde motion back into the sign of Aquarius where it continues to retrograde until  3/28.  Mercury then turns direct in Aquarius and makes its way back to Pisces on 4/11. This particular Mercury retrograde is a bit more difficult as compared to others in that it starts out in its weaker, debilitated position, and then becomes combust as it joins with the Sun on 3/14.   Moreover, while retrograding in Aquarius, Mercury also receives Saturn’s difficult aspect, further straining Mercury during this period.  

    The overall influence of this Mercury retrograde gives a tendency toward missing the facts and engaging in more wishful, dreamy, fantasy-based thinking patterns.  Yet, Mercury is also working overtime while retrograde, leading to excessive analysis and a greater probability of faulty, non-critical thinking and poor judgment.  It will be harder to access accurate information during this month.  It’s good, however, for out-of-the-box, creative thinking and favors intuitive ability.  

     Caution is advised involving all contracts, financial transactions, tax returns, calculations, decision-making and assessments.  It is not a good month for major purchases or signing contracts and making commitments.  Confusion, illogical thinking and mistakes are more likely during this month.  Perception is likely to be off target.  Take your time, reread and scrutinize all documents before signing if you must.  Make copies, get receipts and verification before mailing or electronically signing or sending.  Communications may lead to misunderstandings, misinformation, mistakes or confusion.  Odd, unexpected or unusual communications are also likely, both verbal and written.  Read your emails at least twice before hitting the “send” button.  Ask for clarification if the information seems wrong, odd or is missing key elements. 

    It is also wise to back-up your computer early, and to perform maintenance on vehicles, electronics and other mechanicals, which tend to break down and go haywire during such times.    Delays, appointment date/time mix-ups are more likely.   It is a good time for creative and artistic endeavors, for researching and exploring, but not making any definite commitments during this month.  You are more likely to have a different viewpoint after March and possibly regret decisions made during this time frame.  March is also a beneficial month for cleaning out files, going back over old documents and clearing out whatever is no longer useful in your life, material or otherwise.  Reviewing what you already have in progress with your life situation and considering whether to discard, change, restart or freshen up those areas, is the best approach while managing this Mercury retrograde transit during March.   

Rahu and Ketu change constellations to Gemini and Sagittarius:

    The lunar nodes, Rahu and Ketu, generally spend 18 months transiting through each opposite pair of zodiac signs.  They move together in tandem, mostly retrograding all year.  While Rahu and Ketu (considered as the “head” and the “tail” of the serpent) are not technically planets, they are however critical astronomical points along the ecliptic that have important interpretive meanings in Vedic Astrology, as they are associated with both lunar and solar eclipse points.  The transit point (house transit) for Rahu will show an area of strong urgency and desire in one’s material life and the transit point (house transit) for Ketu will indicate an area of irritation, and a desire to discard, cleanse, idealize or spiritualize.  Both Rahu and Ketu show areas of dissatisfaction and the desire to somehow get to a more satisfied, enlightened place.  The path one takes to get there can vary tremendously, depending upon the individual’s personality, life orientation and focus, and overall point of evolution in this lifetime.  When the path involves Rahu and Ketu, it is usually more like a roller coaster experience, rather than a straight line trajectory. 

    Rahu and Ketu will change signs on 3/23 into Gemini and Sagittarius, respectively.  They will transit there until 9-19-2020 (approximately 18 months).  If you have personal planets (such as the Sun, Moon or Lagnesh, Lagna) or other planets in Gemini and/or Sagittarius, you can bet that there will be some major impact in your life as it pertains to this combination of Rahu/Ketu and that particular planet involved in your horoscope.   The exact influence is dependent upon your overall astrological chart and the specific houses and planets involved with this transit of Rahu and Ketu.  

    Consider for example, the United States chart.  Ketu will now transit through the prominent 1st house of that chart, while Rahu will transit through the 7th house and conjunct four planets in Gemini over the next 18 months, including the Sun, Jupiter, Venus and Mars, respectively.  The interpretation of these Rahu transit conjunctions will be explained as they occur in the months ahead in these newsletters.  

     For now, it’s worth noting that the 1st house represents the country itself and the 7th house has to do with partnerships and associations/relationships/marriages with other countries.  With Rahu transiting through the 7th house of the U.S. chart, a sense of urgency will take place, such that the country’s desire for partnerships with other countries will increase at a rapid pace.  These relationships may be more unconventional since that is the inherent nature of both Rahu and Ketu.  With Ketu transiting through the U.S.’s 1st house, the country will be in search of its true identity and try to redefine its direction and its highest goals and priorities.  The U.S. will suffer from feeling left out or not recognized enough for its contributions to the world, no matter how great they may be. The U.S. will feel alone and may suffer from a sense of isolation or lack of support from other countries during the next 18 months.

  With Rahu going through the sign of Gemini for the next 18 months, the sign that governs all communications, education/learning, information-processing, and technology, there will be a lot of growth, development and interesting invention coming from this area.  Rahu itself governs innovative technologies and hardware.  The growth will take place at a rapid pace, even faster than we have come to experience in the past decade. Advancements involving cellular phones, computers, artificial intelligence and other technologies that improve and enhance communications will be astounding and some even unexpected.  With Ketu going through the sign of Sagittarius, major refinements and changes, which come out of growing dissatisfaction in the areas of higher education, the legal system/courts, government rules and regulations, religious institutions and the desire for increased spiritual awareness/meaning/development will also take place simultaneously.  

    During May, June and into July of 2019, there will be some rough and challenging transits involving the Saturn/Ketu conjunction in Sagittarius and the Mars/Rahu conjunction in Gemini and these malefic planetary conjunctions will aspect and influence each other along this major 1/7 axis of the U.S. chart.  Overall this is not a pretty picture.  I will explain the meaning of these influences in upcoming future newsletters.  Stay tuned, and chant mantras to Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu for now, if you are struggling or so inclined for a peaceful solution.