​​​​Vedic Astrological Outlook:  September 2020

    Several planetary shifts take place in September that are worth noting.  The strongest planet of the planetary cabinet this month is Mercury, which turns exalted in Virgo on 9/2.  Mars remains strong for most of September, while Venus moves to Cancer and receives the malefic aspects of Mars and Saturn starting on 9/1.  The most prominent shift involves Rahu and Ketu, which change signs to Taurus/Scorpio on 9/19 when employing the “true node” calculation ( on 9/23 if using the “mean” node calculation).    These planetary highlights for September will be discussed.

Mercury moves to exalted Virgo:

    Mercury moves to its strongest sign of Virgo on 9/2 and will transit there until 9/22.  These 20 days are excellent, in general, for communications, attending to detailed work, accounting, all types of analytical projects, doing complex statistical and mathematical calculations, taking exams, organizing one’s life, signing contracts, and making new starts with educational, intellectual and technical endeavors.  This is an excellent time to create detailed spreadsheets and analyze all types of details, comparing and contrasting various options. If you have struggled during the past several months to advance detailed projects that require focus, concentration and smooth communications, having a strong Mercury in force implies that these efforts can now advance nicely. It’s also a beneficial time to purchase new electronics, computers, phones, and technology if you have been considering an upgrade.  This is a good period for working on or updating websites as well.  Events related to communications, technology, analysis, using logic and organization will benefit during this month.  

    Virgo is also a sign that rules the natural 6th house, which governs health matters and employment in particular.  Hence, Mercury passing through Virgo, it’s strongest exalted placement, bodes well for advancing health, medical research, medical treatments and self improvement regimens.  During these first 20 days of September, we may witness some significant progress with treatments and vaccine development against the Covid-19 virus.  Communications should improve and more information and scientific data analysis should also be forthcoming this month.

    This is a beneficial time to employ your own self improvement strategies in your life, improving your health, nutrition, exercise routines and regimens.  It is a good month to start such programs if you have felt blocked or avoided doing so previously.

    While Saturn and Mars are also concurrently transiting strong signs as well this month, this is an excellent planetary array for advancing mechanical, engineering, construction, scientific, technological and organizational domains, while Mercury is exalted.  Virgo is also the sign that rules “hygiene” and cleanliness.  Mercury transiting here, puts the conversation and more attention squarely on this area, even more so than in previous months.  We may witness improvements in this area, along with the population taking hygiene practices more seriously and intently.

Rahu and Ketu Change Signs to Taurus and Scorpio:

    According to the true node calculation for Rahu and Ketu, they will change signs on 9/19 to Taurus and Scorpio, respectively.  Keep in mind that Rahu/Ketu transit in mostly retrograde motion constantly, so they appear to move backward, unlike the planets, which move mostly in forward motion for the majority a given year.  Since Rahu and Ketu are associated with unconventionality and going against the status quo, doesn’t it seem logical that their movement in the sky appears to be going backward as compared to the planets!  Their movement is unconventional and against the status quo.  

     Rahu/Ketu are not actually planetary physical bodies. Yet these two prominent points at which the Moon’s orbit intersects with the ecliptic (north point for Rahu and south point for Ketu) have such a profound message for us, in just as strong a dose as the physical planets convey.  Hence, Rahu and Ketu are treated as if they are actual planetary entities in Vedic Astrology.  Most important, Rahu and Ketu are involved in the formation of both solar and lunar eclipses.  When an eclipse takes place, the luminaries are darkened and our vision and understanding are curtailed or blocked out in some manifestation.  We can not see clearly, and our understanding/perception is skewed, one-sided and missing some component.  From the earth’s viewpoint, the light of the Moon is blocked and we see a dark shadow.  Hence Rahu and Ketu are known as the “chaya grahas” or “shadow planets.”

    Rahu and Ketu always move in transit with each other at 180 degrees and they change signs approximately every 18 months, so it is a relatively long transit to be experienced.  It takes 18 years for Rahu/Ketu to complete a full rotation around the entire zodiac.  On 9/19, Rahu will move to the sign Taurus and Ketu to Scorpio.  Both Rahu and Ketu are known to be exalted and strong in these particular positions. They will transit there until 3-16-2022, when they retrograde to the Aries/Libra axis, respectively.

    We should watch closely at the world events that begin to transpire in September as Rahu/Ketu transition to these new strong placements.  Ketu will leave the 1st house of the U.S. natal chart and also leave Mula nakshatra.  While the U.S. has experienced enormous turmoil, chaos, uprisings, rebellion and fighting for justice in the streets during Ketu’s transit through Mula, as Ketu leaves Mula and moves into Jyesthta, the rebellion will likely shift gears and the focus will begin to change.  Mula focuses attention on fighting especially for the disabled and those at a disadvantage in some way, and the desire for justice and fairness is very strong under Mula.  Jyeshtha is also rebellious, and takes an unconventional path, but in a more entitled, individual manner, not as a mass group rebellion.  Jyeshtha translates to: “the senior-most” or the “eldest” and refers to being the leader, the CEO executive, or the individualist seeking a powerful influential position.  

     As September and the fall months progress, this fight for justice will change direction to reflect the shift of Ketu.  Ketu will transit out of the 1st house of the U.S. chart, a prominent transiting position, reflecting the mood of the country----one of dissatisfaction, irritability, protesting against the status quo, and while Ketu was in Mula, searching for justice and freedom.  Now, with Ketu transiting through Jyeshtha, the focus turns to a desire to gain power, control, seniority, authority and following an individualistic, unconventional direction.

     Meanwhile, while Rahu transits through Taurus, the materialistic desires and inclination for wealth and prosperity grow in the country more strongly, especially when Rahu shifts in Rohini, from Mrigashira nakshatra starting on 1-26-2021.  These patterns will likely influence financial and housing markets (Taurus), reflecting extreme ups and downs.   Nonetheless, September brings a significant change involving the influence of Rahu/Ketu and events should be monitored.

    Rahu and Ketu also offer deeper insights, and while they are often associated with turmoil, chaos, insatiable desires and uproar (and pandemics and unusual diseases), they are also associated with new discoveries, breaking out of the status quo, carving new pathways and breaking up an old pattern, lifestyle, or belief system that no longer serves the best interests of a person or country at large.

Strength to Mars and weakness for Venus this month:

    Mars continues to transit through Aries until 10/4 when it then moves back to Pisces and is weakened.  Meanwhile during September, Mars remains quite strong and receives the beneficial aspect of Jupiter.   This bodes well for getting projects started and for making rapid progress.   However, on 9/9, Mars turns retrograde while in Aries.  Mars remains strong, and even more intense in terms of energy expression.  This creates a stronger sense of competition, aggression, impatience, restlessness, desire  and forcefulness in the atmosphere.  It can depict destructive, explosive and warlike tendencies becoming stronger while Mars retrogrades through Aries.  Mars remains quite strong until the last few days of the month.  Therefore, for most of September, it is beneficial for competitions, sports, exercise, taking an assertive stance on projects, moving forward with decisions, making progress and advancing desires.  It’s excellent for taking steps to resolve medical and health issues, especially while Mars transits through Aswini and receives the strengthening aspect of Jupiter.

    On 8/31 Venus entered the sign of Cancer and will transit there until9/27.  Venus also concurrently receives the malefic aspects of Mars and Saturn.  This is problematic for Venus and weakens its condition.  This puts a strain on relationships, marriage, partnerships, experiencing pleasures, making large purchases and on real estate matters.  There are likely to be more arguments and resistance in terms of diplomacy and negotiations. It is however, a good time to set healthy boundaries in relationships and to set limits where they are needed.  It is a good month for solidifying one role in relationship and to determine where commitments begin and end.