Vedic Astrological Outlook:  September 2019

September 2019:  A Month for Detailed Analysis, Cleaning up your life and Taking a Deep Breath

    September brings some planetary shifts which improve focus, analytical processing and detailed work.  The Sun and Mars continue to transit together through the strong position of Leo until 9/17 when the Sun then moves into the next constellation of Virgo.  Until 9/17, there is more confidence, optimism and heightened energy in the atmosphere and therefore the first two weeks of the month are stronger for projecting more energy, confidence, rapid movement and leadership into projects and moving desires forward.  

    After 9/17, the Sun joins with Mercury and debilitated Venus in Virgo and the entire combination receives Saturn’s aspect.  This reduces confidence and optimism, while bringing a more critical, judgmental and detailed approach to situations and analysis.  The pace slows down and everything (and everyone/relationships) go under the microscope for a more detailed examination this month.   Analysis and critical thinking are not negative attributes, even if your boss or supervisor focuses on all of your short-comings especially this month.  This more objective, scientific, cold, methodical approach is important and has its place.   It shows us where we need to improve and how to strive for perfection.  It takes the subjectivity and emotion out of the equation.  There is nothing wrong with striving for “perfection” “for the win” in and of itself.  It’s the attachment to “having to be perfect” 100% of the time that is the problem.  

    This is a good time to analyze and review areas of your life that need to be scrutinized, reevaluated and objectively judged for effectiveness.  It is a good month for cleaning up your health, your diet, your exercise plan, your environment, removing clutter, deleting any toxic influences and otherwise tidying up, considering even the smallest of details.  It is good for all self-improvement endeavors.  This is also a good time to examine financials, savings and making clear and concise spreadsheets to understand more clearly, how the numbers look in reality.  It is an excellent time to get more organized and to get your life and affairs in better order.  Pay attention to the finer points that are usually ignored.   If you think you need to lose weight, step on an accurate scale and it won’t lie to you.  Then use discipline, make a plan and stick to it. 

The Mercury/Venus Influence is a bit Complicated this Month:

    On 9/9, Venus transits into its weakest placement, that of Virgo, through 10/3, when it then moves into one of its strongest positions, in its own sign of Libra.  While transiting in Virgo, Venus will be joined with Mercury on 9/10.  Mercury is exalted in Virgo, its strongest placement.   Venus gains the help and assistance of associating with this strong Mercury until 9/29, when Mercury then transits to Libra.   For that brief period between 9/29 – 10/3, Venus is alone, receiving no help from the exalted Mercury, only attacks from Mars and Saturn.  These few days are a bit problematic, especially for relationships, financials, purchases, vehicles and most pleasurable aspects of life.  However, after 10/3, Venus begins to gain strength as it moves into Libra and joins again with Mercury.  

    Meanwhile, Mercury’s exalted position in Virgo should confer some benefits for all types of analytical, technical, mechanical and detailed activities until 9/25.   The conjunction of Venus with Mercury, does not alleviate Venus’ debilitation, but it does allow the problems associated with debilitated Venus to perhaps get resolved later, or even improve because the issues are revealed and brought into the open.   For example, if financial discrepancies or accounting problems are revealed, then that allows the individual work on getting a better resolution, after the uncomfortable problem first becomes acknowledged.   Or, if you are having a car problem, it might get worse under debilitated Venus, but with Mercury’s help, the issue is diagnosed and can be repaired. The same context applies to relationships this month---a problem in a relationship is likely to become more pronounced, and that allows the individuals to directly work on it and try to find a resolution.  Virgo rules the natural 6th house governing health and work. So, these areas can improve with effort.  But, one has to put out the direct effort.

The Interaction of Mars, Sun, Mercury and Venus in Virgo:  Discomfort and Intense Pressure--- Keep Your Cool during the last week of the month

    Mars then enters Virgo and joins with the Sun, Mercury and Venus on 9/25.  The last week of September looks very tense and stressed.   During that week, this group of four planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars) are too close together, all jam-packed living together in the critical placement of Virgo, with Mars stirring up the pot.  The clincher is that the malefic planet Saturn also aspects all of these planets, simultaneously.  This setup begins on 9/25 and it is intense and problematic.  Speech becomes pressured, anger is first to be expressed, irritability is at an all time high, as impatience and frustration abound.  Criticism, fights, arguments, tempers flaring and personal attacks will be prominent. 

   Projects take one step forward, only to go two steps back due to challenges, errors, mistakes or restrictions.  This rough tendency continues until Mercury and Venus leave Virgo, as of 10/3, when the stress begins to abate.  Try to keep your cool, take a deep breath and think things through before you choose to get into an argument, disagreement or worse.  It is a good time to exercise, burn off any excess anger or other emotion and try to dissipate any frustration into a healthy or beneficial action.  Count to ten, take a walk, get out into nature, take some solitude time, meditate, balance your mind and body with any technique. or at least keep your “big picture perspective.”  It’s a short-term stressful situation involving the planets, reminding us to be analytical and more critical in our approach to life, particularly in areas where we might fall short of perfection!