Vedic Astrological Monthly Outlook:   March 2018

Stormy Month Ahead: Batten down the hatches

    From March 7th – May 2nd, a very stressful transit takes place involving the conjunction of Saturn and Mars in Sagittarius.  This period is undoubtedly the most difficult and challenging time of 2018.   It involves the transit of Mars entering into the house that Saturn has been transiting since October 26, 2017.  Now, Mars and Saturn will share the same house until May 2nd, not a pretty sight.  Moreover, Sagittarius happens to be the 1st house (Lagna) for the United States, signifying the health, approach and direction that the country expresses outwardly.  With Mars and Saturn in the 1st house of the U.S.A.’s chart, the desire to fight, go to war and become very frustrated and impatient within the country and with other countries becomes heightened.   There is little relief from this transit, since there is no concurrent Jupiter or Venus aspect to soften the blow.  The only way out is through, painful as it is.

    When Mars, a planet of action, movement, speed, impulsivity, ambition and high energy is slowed down, resisted and blocked by Saturn, a planet of diligence, caution, reserve and slow perseverance, then the level of frustration and irritation rises to a high level.  This is in fact what is taking place this month and through April.  Since the larger human race is not very patient these days, we can anticipate a high boiling point level.  Frequent arguments about one’s belief’s, philosophy, spirituality or religious orientation will break out publicly, as well as irritations, frustration, exasperation, anger, impatience, restlessness, quick, knee-jerk reactions to events or statements, fights, blow-ups, shootings, bombings and explosions.  

    The greater likelihood of a higher incidence of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, fires, arson, explosions, bombings, more gun violence, violent crimes, abuses around the world, and the strong possibility of yet another terrorist attack or major school shooting scenario is unfortunately in the cards for March and April this year.  Sagittarius governs schools, universities and higher education in general.  It also governs law, the legal system, judges, religion, people who proselytize, as well as spiritual and religious leaders.  So, the fury will be directed to a greater degree in these domains and at these individuals.  For this reason, I surmise that the terrorism and/or explosions expected, will occur within U.S. schools, religious institutions/buildings or in the courts or judicial branch.   Some harm could come to a judge or to the Supreme Court.  We could lose one of the members of the Supreme Court, who possibly could pass or have to resign for health reasons. 

    The fact that this Saturn/Mars transit takes place right in the 1st house of the U.S. points to its high level of influence on this country, which is the reason I suggest that these horrific acts are more likely to take place on U.S. soil.   If we are fortunate, the attempts will be thwarted and stopped before they can do harm.   It’s not a month to take chances and expect calm around us.  Sanity and logic will not prevail in the world at large.  Restlessness, impulsivity and argumentativeness will be in the atmosphere to a high degree.   If you prepare for this, you will have more reserve, perspective and understanding, and you will weather the storm better than others.  You won’t fall prey to someone else’s harsh words, actions or attempts at pushing you toward an argument.  

    How do you prepare?   You stay inwardly centered and calm, since you know that this situation is temporary and you know it will come to an end in early May.  You don’t immediately react verbally or otherwise to an annoyance.  You protect yourself, and you stay aware and don’t initiate important voluntary actions and decisions during this time.    You can treat an irritation as if it is Teflon in your mind, and let it roll off and not disturb you.   This is the time when chanting mantras to both Saturn and Mars will help.  It is a time when you call upon your inner strength, patience and intelligence before you react, if at all, to someone else’s frustrations.  You can ignore them and walk away and not respond to an angry email aimed at venting someone else’s anger and hostility.   

     If you are feeling furious, restless, impatient and frustrated, burn it out through physical exercise, fast walking, hiking or other healthy aerobic activities.  Your years of meditation, prayer, affirmations, yoga, or tai chi chu’an practice should assist you with staying centered.  Be in nature and get out of the city.   Perhaps do more of it in March.  You might even feel like you have to go out to the middle of a forest and scream.   If all else fails, petting a cat sitting on your lap will calm your nerves or attending to your pets will soothe you.  Put your hands in the soil and plant seeds or plants in the ground.    Use some cool, calming herbs, such as peppermint or chamomile and eat lighter.  Take time to stretch, and breathe deeply and fully.

    March 10th and 11th are particularly stressful days this month due to the Moon’s transit through Sagittarius, joining with Mars and Saturn.  These are weekend days in which schools and the courts are generally closed, so that is at least a positive factor. 

Mercury Becomes Weak & Afflicted, while Venus gains Strength:

    To add fuel to the fire, Mercury will transit through its weakest, debilitated sign of Pisces, beginning on March 2nd and will transit there until May 9th.   On the positive side, Mercury will transit with Venus also in Pisces, through March 26th.    Venus is very strong in Pisces, its exalted, strong sign.   When a debilitated planet transits with an exalted planet, as in this case, it is known as a “neecha bhanga” or cancellation of debilitation.  What actually happens is that Mercury will still be indicative of problems but in the end those problems will be redeemed for something positive, in some manifestation (“a blessing in disguise”--- e.g. because my computer blew up, it forced me to get a newer model which is much better and faster and long overdue, for example). 

    This Mercury/Venus combination is excellent for creative, artistic, inventive endeavors and thinking out of the box.  So, those areas can thrive during such an otherwise, illogical, tedious period.   It’s not favorable for calculations and precise work, but it is an excellent time for using your intuition and creative talents.  Venus will be transiting Pisces between March 2nd – March 26th, when it then moves to Aries and receives a positive aspect from Jupiter.   This is a strong period for Venus, so even while frustration and difficulties reign, there is also a bit of devotional energy and a desire to care, understand and be empathic.   This can also be strong for financial areas, even in the midst of some outside chaos.  

    On the negative side, Mercury will lose the protective grace of Venus as of 3/26.  Mercury itself turns retrograde in debilitated Pisces on 3/22 until 4/15/2018.  To tip the equation in a more negative direction, Mars aspects Mercury through May 2nd.  

    While Mercury is transiting through debilitated Pisces and it is retrograde, it also receives a malefic Mars aspect.  This does not bode well for contracts, major decisions and especially for communications/information processing.  Expect events not to run on time, incessant delays, appointment mix-ups, confusion, communication errors and misunderstandings, illogical assessments, errors in judgment and a bit of chaos.  It’s a time when phone, internet, TV, media (all communication forms) and travel will tend be problematic with break downs, outages and sudden electrical surges.  There can be an explosion at a power plant that knocks out power to a major city or region during this month. 

     Backup your data now, and if your computer, phone, or other electronic equipment has been struggling, this will be the time it goes out or breaks, just when you need it the most.  Prepare and replace it early, if you have been intending to do so. Be especially careful with filing your tax return this year, under such a difficult Mercury retrograde transit. Scrutinize documents several times and expect mistakes, oversights and errors.   If possible try to file tax returns before 3/20, when Mercury then becomes seriously afflicted. 

     Even under such difficult planetary transits, reflecting extraordinary difficult times in the world, there are always lessons to learn and opportunities to take advantage of.  This transit won’t last forever.  In fact, it is relatively, a short-term bump in the year.  Try to maintain your longer term perspective, keep your cool, engage in some preventive medicine/actions, and get above the frustration by understanding where it’s truly coming from.