Vedic Astrological Outlook:  January 2020

     As a reminder, these monthly newsletters are published for the benefit of the general public, and are offered complimentary to interested readers.  Planets consistently change position in the sky on a momentary basis and their movements reflect changes in trends in the world at large.  These planetary (transit) shifts are described and interpreted in these monthly newsletters.  The specific implications of planetary transits as they relate to individual astrological charts must be interpreted separately.  

     *Predictions for the USA during 2020 are posted separately on my website   These predictions were previously written in 2018 based on the mahadasha/bhukti sequence that the U.S.A. is currently experiencing through 11-6-2020, and they will remain posted through 2020.  

    I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all clients and readers a Happy, Healthy and Productive New Year.   Many thanks to all clients for your longstanding, steadfast interest in my professional Vedic Astrology services offered for the past 23 years.   Your continued interest and gratitude propels me to improve and deepen my knowledge to offer you greater insight and assistance. 

Outlook For January 2020:

 This month gets off to a strong energetic start, with Mars and Jupiter transiting their own strong constellations, Scorpio and Sagittarius, respectively.  As the month progresses, Saturn becomes stronger as well, as it moves into its own strong sign of Capricorn.  Saturn’s transit through Capricorn, over the next 3 years, is very positive and will be discussed in detail below.  Saturn’s transit through Capricorn begins on January 24th and ends on 1-17-2023.  Whenever Saturn changes signs, it’s a big deal.  The reason is that Saturn is one of the slower moving planets in the cabinet and it tends to carve its impact more slowly, over time, but with unmistakable influence.   Also, once Saturn leaves Sagittarius, that frees up Jupiter in a big way because Jupiter will transit its own comfortable sign of Sagittarius without the accompanying restriction that Saturn brings.  We have not yet experienced Jupiter’s full energy since it entered Sagittarius in November.  Soon, we’ll have that expansive, optimistic Jupiter energy in full force as January progresses.  

Mars is very strong in January:

Mars transits through Scorpio, its own sign, until 2/7, when it then moves into Sagittarius and will join with Jupiter, another beneficial placement for Mars.  For the next 5 weeks, Mars is at its peak. Strong Mars in the atmosphere brings more activity, the desire to move rapidly, make progress, start new projects, be more assertive, independent and make decisions that you act on.  It’s an excellent month for starting and advancing projects, doing research, digging more deeply into your investigations, persevering, exercising, being more physical, courageous and fearless.  Perhaps the only negative, is that the heightened Mars energy also tends to bring more restlessness, impatience, aggression, competition and tendency for attacks/war.  Mars is the planet governing war and aggression, explosions, fires and eruptions.  So when Mars is very strong and unbridled, it can indicate a greater likelihood for these types of events.  We are currently witnessing such aggression in Iraq, coming from Iran, North Korea and within the U.S. itself.   This does not mean that Mars is responsible for it.  Mars has great energy when directed and targeted for positive, healthy purposes.  The misuse of Mars energy and ignorance, lack of self-control is the problem among humans.  Otherwise with awareness, it’s great to tap into a strong Mars, to get moving and put your long-awaited plans into action.  As the month progresses and the group of Sagittarius-transiting planets separate from Saturn, more optimism and opportunity will permeate the atmosphere.

Meanwhile, the period between January 8th – 14th is particularly stressful and intense due to the combustion of Mercury and Saturn and the outer planet Pluto forming a tight conjunction.  Jupiter and Ketu are also caught up in this congested, complicated association of planets. This tight transit involving the Sun, Saturn, Mercury and Pluto (and strong Mars concurrently) may reflect a volcanic eruption, earthquake, or other explosive events taking place during this period.   There are likely to be more arguments, extreme dogmatism espoused, and frustration abounds, especially in government, religious & educational institutions and in the courts.  After 1/14, these planets begin to separate and this pressure/challenge is reduced.  At that time, Mercury and Sun move to Capricorn and the situation improves.

Saturn Returns Home to Capricorn:

 On 1/24, Saturn moves into Capricorn, its own sign and will transit there for the next three years.  Saturn is comfortable while transiting its own sign and this helps to experience the influence of Saturn under more favorable terms.   If you understand the true nature of Saturn, you will appreciate the opportunity this planet can potentially bring into your life.  First, Saturn in Capricorn (the worker’s sign) is excellent for making progress in work efforts, whatever they may be.  If you are genuinely willing to put out the time, effort and energy with continued perseverance to create something, to start or advance a career or project, Saturn will serve as your best friend.  

Strong Saturn in force promotes work, organization, progress, perseverance, commitment, responsibility, seriousness, attention, thoroughness and achievement of goals.  Saturn does not give its rewards unless the individual truly earns and deserves the end positive result.  Saturn requires us to meet our obligations and commitments and fulfill anything we have promised.  There are no short-cuts allowed when it comes to working under Saturn’s rules.  We have to face the truth, our strengths and our short-comings and where we still have work to do, whether that is material, physical/health, mental, emotional or spiritual work.  Saturn has a way of making it crystal clear, by stepping up the message in a more intense, obvious way, which is not always pleasant.  Yet, Saturn shows us where we truly stand and what has to be done to improve a situation.  It’s then up to each of us to do the real work and not to expect praise, support and a free pass.  Everything has a cost in the end.  Face the real truth in yourself and then you advance and evolve.  

     If you work within Saturnian terms, then such great progress can be experienced in your life.  Students of Vedic Astrology may recall the dictum, that when both Saturn and Jupiter either conjunct or aspect each other, then a result is predicted in that particular area of life.  For example, if both Saturn and Jupiter transit together through your 7th house, an important relationship or marriage commitment is likely to take place, especially if you have considered it for awhile.  If you have been on the fence for a long time, this will be the point in which you have to decide to become serious and committed or end it (or you are forced out of it).   If you don’t make the commitment, you lose the opportunity in this situation.   The same can be said if this Saturn/Jupiter conjunction takes place in the 10th house of the career, etc.   

     There will be  a period in 2020 (3/29 – 6/29), when both Saturn and Jupiter transit together in Capricorn for a few months this spring.  While Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn, it will be with a strong Saturn.  While this transit weakens Jupiter, this can also be a period where the culmination of certain major events take place.  When a debilitated planet is conjunct a strong or exalted planet, then often a problem arises involving that weaker planet, and later a solution or improvement occurs.  But, first the problem has to be experienced.  The exact nature of the problem will be reflected by the meaning of that debilitated planet, the house it is in and the houses it rules in a particular horoscope. 

Saturn is conservative in terms of energy and resources.  Saturn is practical by nature and does not like expansive, wasteful behaviors that don’t have a purpose or are extravagant.  When the financial planet, Jupiter, joins with Saturn in this frugal sign of Capricorn this spring, we are likely to witness a temporary pullback in financial markets, in spending and in terms of increased economic worries.  This is likely to be “temporary” because Jupiter will retrograde back to its own strong sign of Sagittarius as of 6/29.  But, this will be a period where we get a taste and preliminary economic warning of what is to come when Jupiter moves ahead to transit through its debilitated position in Capricorn as of 11-20-2020.  That is the beginning of what I believe will be an upcoming economic world recession or otherwise significant economic downturn.   The fact that the U.S. has exponentially increased its debt load to massive proportions does not bode well when Jupiter moves into Capricorn with Saturn in the 2nd house of finances in the U.S.A. chart.   The implications of this will be discussed again in more detail as we approach that time toward the end of 2020.

Saturn moving through Capricorn is a great time to become more realistic about your savings, your finances, your expenses, your output and input, your resources and how you allocate your time, energy and other resources.  Where do you have too much or too little?   It’s a great time to make these adjustments so that you get more balanced and focused on your highest life priorities.   If “it” (material or non-material) does not have a practical purpose, why keep it clogging up your space or your life?  That is Saturn’s lesson, among others, which will become louder over the next three years.  It’s not about having fun. It’s about being honest, serious, hard-working and focused on your highest priorities, being productive, not giving up because it’s hard, and keeping your obligations and promises to yourself and others.

   After you have successfully completed a project, an event, a course, or a degree and felt that feeling of accomplishment and achievement after years of hard work and effort, then you know the influence of Saturn at its best.  When you finally lose the weight you worked so hard to lose by making daily sacrifices and changes in your diet, and increasing your exercise effort, that’s Saturn’s influence. The association of delays and restrictions through Saturn is not pleasant.  But, there is a reason.  Being forced to wait and yet persevere, go slow and be thorough to avoid mistakes,  and work harder builds strength, resilience, perspective and offers you the gift of time to gain greater awareness and understanding about the matter at hand.  This is the other side of Saturn, that is sturdy, practical, real, deep and thorough.  While Saturn is strong, transiting through Capricorn over the next 3 years, try to actualize and prioritize your greatest life goals.  Commit to working hard and the goals will be attained, especially under this powerful Saturn influence.