Vedic Astrological Outlook:  May 2019

May’s Rocky Road Ahead:

    As most of us know by now, we have to take the bitter with the sweet in life.   We don’t like it and we sometimes protest about it, but nonetheless that’s life’s reality.    When the times get rough you see what you are truly made of, how far you have gone, your real strengths and remaining weaknesses both practically and spiritually.   When life seems to be going one’s way and there are no obstacles or irritations, it is easy to become complacent and think you’ve got it down, you’re really there, you are “enlightened,” you’ve beat the odds and risen to such great heights.  Then comes the cloud on the horizon and you are tested once again.  Life slaps you down and that’s how you know where you are really standing, how far you have to go.   Without the hit, the tendency is to fool yourself into fantasy, visions of grandeur, infallibility and complacency.  

    Some mahadasha (personal planetary) cycles are just like that.  Everything is going your way, your career rises, your marriage/family/children, your health, your pleasures, your finances, your opportunities, your awareness, your wisdom/knowledge grows, almost everything looks fantastic.  And then the inevitable happens, you change Mahadasha periods and life takes a turn.  Somehow, nothing is the same.  Things crumble in your life, your health weakens, your friends are gone, relationships are tedious and difficult, your bank account is drained and the sweetness you once knew is gone.  Now what?  This experience forces you to make some changes, to see life from a different vantage point and more than anything to not get too attached to any outcome, situation, desire or person.  Not so easy.  It’s the challenging times when one deepens in awareness.   If you are truly seeking a spiritual awakening, knowledge and wisdom, this is how it happens.  No pain, no gain.  No effort, no hard work, no results.

    How we “react” and perceive/interpret stressors, devastation, loss, irritations, arguments, and resistance is completely within our power.   That’s where the power lies, “within.”   Everything changes, comes and goes and nothing will stay the same around us no matter how hard one may try to keep it all as is.   Internally, however, you can always sit in strength if you maintain that awareness, regardless of what is going on around you.

May and June 2019:  The Saturn/Ketu vs. Mars/Rahu opposition

    The planets in May and June this year are reflecting a particularly challenging situation and the United States is particularly vulnerable.   We can’t get out of it or escape from it.  But, we can choose how to react to most situations.

    The May and June astrological set-up involves transiting Saturn and Ketu exactly opposite Mars and Rahu.  Saturn and Ketu have been transiting together in Sagittarius since late March, and are now conjunct at approximately 26 degrees in Purva Ashadha nakshatra.   Saturn/Ketu will transit together until January 24, 2020, when Saturn leaves Sagittarius and moves into Capricorn.  For now, we feel the influence of the Saturn/Ketu combination.  Ketu is dissatisfied and on a search for freedom and wanting to dissolve things.  Meanwhile, Saturn, the planet representing work and responsibility, wants us to focus on getting things done.   Thus, this combination moves the energy in completely opposite directions.   The atmosphere is bottlenecked and frustrated.

    While Saturn and Ketu are in Sagittarius (in the 1st house of the U.S. chart), we witness the difficulty and complications in getting anything seriously accomplished in government.  We see the extreme differences in beliefs and philosophy, the extremism and challenges to religious understanding and openness for different viewpoints in higher educational institutions.  The dogmatism of Sagittarius seems to take over in the world at large.  While both Saturn and Ketu transit Purva Ashadha, there is a blockage of energy transmission, of having successful outcomes and moving forward.   It is harder to achieve goals and gain clarity.   The ability to discriminate falsehoods from truth is weakened.  Rational, intelligent judgment is curtailed.  The Ketu influence is like throwing fuel on the fire, as it can manifest in terrorist activity, anarchy, sudden eruptive actions, protests and violence with no care or understanding for the other side.  This tendency continues through the rest of 2019.

    Meanwhile, as of May 6th, Mars moves into Gemini, and begins to move closer to Rahu as the month progresses.  Mars has been throwing an aspect onto Saturn and Ketu while transiting through Taurus this past month.  We experienced more gas explosions, earthquakes, attempted terrorist attacks, more school and religious institution shootings, hate crimes, violence and upheavals the past month.  Now, Mars will be exactly opposite Saturn and this heats things up substantially.  All of the malefic planets will be in tight quarters and the results are not pretty.  

    The sign of Gemini governs over transportation and the first nakshatra of Gemini, Mrigashira, also governs over roads and travel.   With the Saturn aspect, this puts frustration and stress on the area of travel, especially by air.  The crumbling of roads and tendency for road rage incidents and overall vehicular accidents are more likely during May and June. The accident-proneness is likely to be sudden, unexpected and violent in nature.  Communications will be harmed as well, possibly due to terrorist actions or explosions to critical infrastructure, or due to hacking and cybersecurity invasions.  Impatience, frustration and delays regarding travel increase as the month progresses.   Challenges to the energy grid are also possible during this Mars transit into June.  

    The involvement of Saturn/Ketu and Mars/Rahu aspecting each other from these positions can also reflect the greater tendency for an epidemic or disease outbreak.  Nodal involvement reflects the tendency to go against established knowledge and social convention.  We have witnessed parents forgo vaccinations for diseases that had previously been eradicated, ignoring scientific and medical fact, reacting out of fear and erroneous information.  Now, a major measles outbreak is sweeping the country.  This is likely to get worse and perhaps peak in the summer months, and there might be other disease outbreaks as well. 

    During early May, we still experience the strength of an exalted Venus transiting in Pisces and the exalted Sun moving through Aries.  These stronger planetary influences take some of the edge off for the time being.   Venus then transits into Aries on 5/10 and the Sun transits to Taurus on 5/15, losing their stronger exalted status’ respectively on those dates.  While Venus and the Sun are strong, there is some balance to the stressful planetary set-up involving Saturn and Mars.   

    Some of the more difficult dates in May involve transits when the Moon is with Mars or Saturn.  These include: 5/8 & 5/9 (Moon in Gemini joining with Mars/Rahu) and 5/21 & 5/22 (Moon in Sagittarius joining with Saturn/Ketu), respectively.  These are particularly explosive dates with expected higher than normal levels of volatility in the atmosphere.  

    The intensity grows into early June.  June 4th and 5th are particularly challenging with the Moon and Mercury transiting through Gemini, joining with Mars and Rahu and aspected by the Saturn/Ketu conjunction.   

     Unfortunately, the levels of frustration and impatience which have been brewing, are likely to grow as May and June progress, to such a level as to indicate large shooting situations taking place especially within religious and/or educational institutions, possibly a new war starting, or a major terrorist attack possibly involving airplanes, are likely to take place during these two months.  Since the U.S. has a Sagittarius Lagna and four planets in Gemini, the impact of these transits on the U.S. is far more focal and prominent.  

    In terms of geologic and weather-related events, the tendency for higher heat waves, and also stormy conditions are more likely.  This is especially the case when Mars transits Ardra nakshatra between 5/17 – 6/6.  There may be some early tropical storms brewing which appear out of nowhere and have devastating impact.  The higher incidence of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and explosions involving gas are also more likely during May and June.  Where there are vulnerabilities in these areas, they are more primed for problems. 

    When the nodes Rahu and Ketu are influencing the planets, there is a certain blindness and lack of clarity that occurs.  So, logic and understanding are not part of the equation here. Out of impatience, misunderstanding, intolerance and frustration comes the worst of mankind. It’s somewhat out of our control, but our awareness and reactions to events are totally optional.

    On the personal level, individuals with planets in the Vedic signs of Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius are more directly affected by these particular transits.   The exact areas of life affected are dependent upon which planets and houses are associated for any given astrological chart.  If you would like to address these concerns on a personal level, it’s best to have a private astrological consultation.   In the meantime, it’s best to live your life with awareness, understanding and balance.  If you are feeling particularly impatient or frustrated during the next few months, try to slow down, perhaps wait it out and return to your inner center for peace.