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To request an appointment, first click on "REQUEST CONSULTATION," (RIGHT side of this page), then complete & submit the order form.   After submitting your completed form, make your payment due by clicking on the PAY PAL Icon.  Payment must be received prior to your consultation.  You will then be contacted by email to set up your appointment. 

All telephone consultations are recorded on audio mp3 files and are sent by email after the session is complete.

INITIAL COMPREHENSIVE CONSULTATION                                                                                90 minutes: $350 

This comprehensive natal chart analysis provides a detailed portrait of your personality, including your talents, strengths and weaknesses. During your session, we examine these innate tendencies and analyze your current life situation. You may ask any questions that are of interest or concern to you. Current areas of concern may include topics such as: health status, career/work direction, financial matters, education, relationships, marriage, sexuality, children, property, business or legal matters, psychological dilemmas, life direction/purpose, spiritual orientation, travel and major life transitions.   Major crisis points and situations may also be discussed during the session when applicable.

A detailed analysis of your current planetary life cycle (Mahadasha/Bhukti) is also explained. Questions and discussion are encouraged throughout the session. Remedial measures are recommended when appropriate to improve and strengthen problematic areas.

QUESTIONS/DETAILED CHART ANALYSIS: FOLLOW-UP CONSULT                                          

                                                                                                                                                           30 minutes: $175
                                                                                                                                                           60 minutes: $250
                                                                                                                                                           90 minutes: $350

This session addresses any further questions and concerns and serves as a follow-up session for the individual who wants to probe more deeply into specific dimensions/topics in his/her natal chart.  Targeted areas are examined in greater depth and detail.  Timed predictions are offered.  This session is offered for current clients who have already received the initial comprehensive consultation.  If you have more than one question or concern, choose the 60 or 90-minute time slots.

YEARLY FORECAST/UPDATE                                                                                                        60 minutes: $250

Current clients select this session on a yearly basis to monitor the outlook for the year ahead and to learn about the focus/lessons/potential opportunities & issues for the year.   Targeted predictions for the year are offered.  Your specific questions about the year ahead are also addressed.

The current major planetary cycle and its sub-periods are analyzed, and the operative transits and yearly (varshaphal) chart are integrated into the analysis.   These elements are incorporated to clearly explain the significant trends and yearly outlook in several life domains.

Note:  New clients should select the initial comprehensive consultation, wherein predictions will also be offered for your current year.

RELATIONSHIP COMPATIBILITY                                                                                                                90 minutes: $350

Any two natal charts are analyzed and compared to gain a deeper understanding about the dynamics existing in the relationship. Emotional, physical/romantic, intellectual, material, financial, interpersonal, communication, life values and spiritual dimensions are compared. This consultation may be applied to dating couples, marriages, friendships, family members, parent-child, relatives, business partnerships, etc. The session includes a detailed discussion of the current planetary life cycles in operation for each individual.

MUHURTA – ELECTIONAL TIMING FOR IMPORTANT EVENTS                                            Email  For Exact Fee

(Choosing an auspicious date)     


This service determines the most auspicious date and time for obtaining a positive outcome of an important event including: marriage, surgery, signing legal contracts, all real estate transactions (buying/selling/walking into a new home), opening a business, beginning new projects, beginning a trip/travel, and starting educational or spiritual endeavors.  

After the optimal date and time is determined for your specific event, you will receive a detailed written email response or you may schedule a telephone consultation.  

CONSULTATIONS BY EMAIL (Prasna/Question)                                                                      One Question: $175

Multiple Questions: $275

Current clients may have an urgent question that requires a 24-48 hour response.   You may request an “email only” consultation for this purpose.  You may ask one question or state a particular problem or concern.  State your particular question or concern on the order form and you will receive a detailed response to your question by email.  Credit card payments are required for this consultation.

*Note: For multiple questions/issues, list each question clearly on the order form.  A detailed email reply will be sent to you within 48 hours.

International Fee (outside of the U.S.A.):  additional $25​

REMEDIAL MEASURES SESSION                                                                                                  60 minutes: $250
                                                                                                                                                           90 minutes: $350

Current clients only may request this consultation.  After a complete chart analysis and discussion (Initial Comprehensive Consultation), remedial measures may then be applied to strengthen certain problematic areas.   Employing certain techniques including: reciting planetary mantra(s), wearing of gemstone(s), fasting, charitable actions and other self-improvement measures help to strengthen certain planets and weak areas of the chart.  These options are presented during this session and explained in detail.   Remedial measures are offered to specifically help the individual improve certain problematic life areas or issues currently disrupting the person's life experience.  A complete understanding of the astrological factors involved, as well as the person's real life experience are taken into account before prescribing such measures.  This is explained and discussed in detail and mantra instruction is provided in this session. 

PRIVATE TUTORIAL SESSION                                                                                                        60 minutes: $195
                                                                                                                                                           90 minutes: $275
                                                                                                                                                         120 minutes: $350

Private tutorials in Vedic astrology are offered to serious beginner to advanced students who seek to deepen and further their knowledge of the subject.  Select topic areas are determined for each session in advance.  Assignments, handouts and reading material are also offered.  These tutorials are accredited by the American College of Vedic Astrology and count for credit hours toward certification by ACVA.

BIRTH TIME RECTIFICATION                                                                                             Birth Time range known:
                                                                                                                                         (between 1 – 4 hours):
Email for exact Fee

“An accurate birth time is essential for a precise analysis of the birth chart.”   When you present a birth time, it may not be accurate due to a host of factors.  Some birth certificates do not include the birth time at all and there may be no other record of the birth time.   To some degree, I apply birth time rectification procedures when I analyze every birth chart.   The personality and life events must line up with the birth chart, or the chart will not accurately reflect the individual and his or her experience.   This issue is always checked with every chart I analyze.  

*For Birth Times, you must provide the exact hour and minute  (DO NOT ROUND OFF THE BIRTH TIME).  

Go to this link if you need assistance obtaining your birth certificate/birth time:

You may also check with the “bureau of statistics,” a department found for each individual state in the U.S.A.   Look up the capitol of the state you are interested in, for this department, and contact them for a copy of your birth certificate or exact birth time.
Alternatively, contact the hospital where you were born and check with the “Hospital Records” department to determine if your birth time was recorded.  Some clients have had success with this inquiry.

After exhausting all resources, if no birth time can be found, then birth time rectification is required prior to your consultation.

If you have no record of your birth time, you must contact me in advance by email  before setting up a formal appointment.  Clearly inform me that you have no record of your actual birth time.  I will determine the best procedure to employ in this circumstance. Some clients will be declined under this situation.

If you are certain that the birth time is within a given time range, (e.g. early morning hours, afternoon, around midnight, between certain specific hours, etc.), then that information must be provided up front.

If you face this situation, please contact me directly by email and inquire about “birth time rectification.”   You will need to answer a series of questions for this process of determining your birth time.  This question & answer session will take place at the beginning of your session.  Your birth time will be rectified and then your questions/concerns will be addressed.