Chart of Israel 2014

Israel’s chart and the current situation during July-August 2014:

    You may recall in July’s newsletter, I discussed the transit of Rahu’s movement into Virgo which took place on July 12th, and the challenging implications of its conjunction with transiting Mars.    (Rahu/Ketu change signs approximately every 18 months).  Rahu then formed an exact conjunction with Mars transiting in Virgo on 7/14 in Tel Aviv.  The conjunction of Mars and Rahu brings a powerful sense of urgency to deal with the issues at hand in a direct assertive/aggressive manner.  This Mars/Rahu conjunction is prominently influencing Israel’s chart, which serves as a catalyst indicating war potential.

This is one of the major astrological factors influencing the timing of the Israel/Hamas war currently taking place.  Mars is the main planet of war and Rahu magnifies the effect of any planet it conjuncts.   Moreover, Mars and Rahu transiting through Chitra, a nakshatra devoted to weaponry, is one of the nakshatras associated with being a warrior and finding truth & justice even if you have to fight for it.  Chitra is governed by Mars as well. 

    There are often several birth times listed for each country’s birth, leading to controversy as to which is the correct time.    For Israel, I agree with the historical account, that on May 14, 1948, the formal meeting of Jewish leaders in Tel Aviv, led by David Ben-Gurion adjourned at 4:32 P.M. just after the state of Independence was completely signed by the 24 leaders present. At that moment, Mr. Ben-Gurion declared, “Israel has been born!”  

The birth data used for this chart analysis is: 

Friday, May 14, 1948, 4:32 P.M. EET, Tel Aviv, Israel

    Keep in mind, this is a Vedic astrological analysis, using the sidereal zodiac and Lahiri ayanamsha.   This chart has Libra Rising at 6 degrees (Swati) with Ketu in the 1st house and Rahu in the 7th house.  This is critical to note for understanding the current situation Israel is confronting.  Note, that malefics Saturn & Rahu have been transiting through Israel’s critical Lagna (1st house) for over the past 2 years, indicating extreme challenges, controversy and creating a sense of urgency to resolve major issues of the country.  The war with Hamas officially began a few days before transiting Rahu shifted into Israel’s 12th house (on July 12th) AND formed an exact conjunction with Mars on 7/14. 

On July 8th when the Moon was in Vishaka, transiting through Israel’s 1st house and conjunct with Saturn and Rahu, in response to rocket attacks by Hamas, Israel initiated “Operation Protective Edge” to defend itself.   The war had begun. From its inception, enemy countries wishing to annihilate Israel from existence have surrounded its borders.   This same attitude is just as prevalent today as it was in 1948.

Outline of Israel’s Vedic astrological chart:

     The chart of Israel has a powerful Lagnesh, Venus, in the auspicious 9th house and Venus is aspected by a strong Jupiter in the 3rd house.  Moreover, Mars is in the strong upachaya 11th house and aspected by Jupiter as well.  These configurations show the ability of the country to overcome its problems, to prevail and be protected from the onslaughts that the country has had to confront on a daily basis all the way back to 1948.  This powerful and fortunate side of this chart demonstrates that Israel has the power to win against all odds. And Israel has prevailed over many decades of attacks.

    It is a solid astrological fact that planets in the 9th house thrive and are in the most powerful position for gain and success.  Ruler of the 1st house in the 9th house, unafflicted, forms one of the most powerful yogas and reflects wisdom, advanced spirituality, a strong religious nature, higher knowledge and having protection.   Jupiter’s aspect to the 9th house and Venus is an additional strengthening boost.  Jupiter, the great benefic planet, happens to be very strong in its own sign of Sagittarius.  When strong Jupiter aspects the Lagnesh, and this happens to be Venus, this confers great wealth to the country as well as protection,  growth and comforts overall. 

The Sun and Mercury are in the 8th house, a weaker position in general, but yet also beneficial for dealing with security, terrorist hidden agendas, research, and gaining financial support from its few allies (the U.S.).   Yet, Sun in the 8th does not make a country popular or recognized.  Ketu on the Lagna also hides the country and keeps it from getting recognized.  Yet, Venus, the Lagnesh in the 9th house in Ardra nakshatra indicates that the country will search for its identity and put out a sustained effort to reach its goals no matter what it takes to get there.  This, with a strong Mars shows that Israel will never step down and will work 24 hours a day to overcome its enemies. 

The powerful Mars in Israel’s chart also represents a robust military structure for the country, which is a fact.  This Mars is also beneficial for technological advances of which Israel is prominently recognized in the areas of medicine, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, environmental science, computer and communication technologies as well as a host of other technical domains.

Israel does not have many friends, as reflected by ruler of the 11th house, the Sun, going to the 8th house.   The Sun is in Taurus, Krittika nakshatra, which is ruled by the deity Agni,  known as the god of war and symbolized by a sharp blade.  This reflects the attitude of its so-called neighbors and friends---warring and sharp.   The Sun in the 8th house also reflects the solitary nature of the country, which has to go it alone in the world and depend on itself.  This is the 8th house transformative journey for the most part.   Anyone with 8th house or Scorpio planets understands this statement intimately.

Israel’s Moon is in Cancer, its own sign, in the 10th house, in Pushya, conjunct Saturn. Transiting Saturn has been aspecting Israel’s Moon for over the past two years, which is stressful to its government and leadership (10th house).   Moon conjunct Saturn reflects the serious attitude, worry and challenges facing the country on a continual basis.  The Moon also forms Shakata yoga with Jupiter, which creates a lot of change, ups and downs, and uncertainties that the country endures, mainly due to its numerous enemies. 

The current situation facing Israel and future outlook:

Since Israel has never been accepted or embraced by any country other than the United States (and that level of support has waivered), when attacked or seriously threatened, Israel must stand up for itself or face its destruction.  Israel is quite capable of doing so.   The current situation is reflected through difficult transits hitting critical points in Israel’s chart as follows:

(1)  Transiting Rahu and Mars conjunct at the commencement of this war with Hamas and Rahu crossing to the 12th house of Israel’s chart.

(2)  Saturn transiting across the 1st house and Saturn/Rahu’s influence over the past 2 years there.

(3)  Transiting Saturn’s aspect to Israel’s Moon and exact aspect to Israel’s Saturn (both in the 10th house) at this time.

(4)  Mars transit into Libra (Israel’s 1st house) and applying aspect to Saturn.  Now, transiting Saturn and Mars are both influencing the 1st house of Israel’s chart.

(5)  Transiting Mars is also aspecting Israel’s Sun in the 8th house.

The current dasha/bhukti cycle for Israel is Moon/Venus.  Why would Israel go to war under such a planetary cycle that appears to be quite auspicious for the country?  The main answer lies in the transiting planets hitting Israel’s Moon as listed above and the difficult transits influencing its Lagna and Sun.  I believe the Rahu/Mars transit was the potent factor.   The dasha/bhukti of Moon and Venus also have symbology (due to their nakshatras & drekkanas) indicating the possibility of engaging in a battle.  The core issues surrounding the conflict were in existence long ago.

Venus (sub-period planet) is in Ardra nakshatra is also associated with weapons and conflict. Venus is in the 2nd drekkana of Gemini which is one of the weapons drekkanas, specifically.  Ardra is governed by Rahu.  Therefore, the transit of Rahu has a particularly strong influence on the country’s experience during this Venus sub-cycle.  In Israel’s natal chart, Rahu is in the nakshatra of Bharani, ruled by the deity Yama, known as the god of death.  The fact that Venus is strong and well-placed bodes well for Israel in regard to  the ultimate outcome of this conflict.  It is also helpful that Jupiter is transiting through exalted Cancer close to Israel’s Moon. 

In the navamsa D-9 varga, note that the Moon is also in Libra at 13:50 degrees and Rahu is at 5 degrees Libra as well.  The Saturn/Mars/Rahu transits also influence these positions as well in the D-9. 

    At the present time, Mars and Saturn are both transiting through Libra.  Mars leaves Libra and enters Scorpio on 9-4-2014.  The movement of Mars out of Israel’s 1st house and away from transiting Saturn should at least help to improve the situation.  Mars will gain strength at the time and not be harmfully influenced.  So, a significant reduction of active fighting should occur after this time. 

The month of August in general, appears very conflicted with Mars and Saturn forming an exact conjunction on Tuesday, 8/26 at 23:39 degrees in Vishaka, another aggressive oriented nakshatra.  This is also the position of the transiting Moon at the very beginning of the offensive on July 8th.   This date may prove to be a pinnacle or turning point to the conflict.

Israel will enter the Venus/Sun period on 3/5/2015 and this period may reflect additional conflicts and instability.  However, once Israel reaches the Mars mahadasha as of 9/5/2015, the country should gain additional strength, overall momentum and return to better times.  The Moon mahadasha (the past 8+ years) has not been particularly favorable for Israel due to the conjunction of the Moon with Saturn in its chart.  The Mars mahadasha won’t be conflict-free, but Israel will be in a stronger position at that time to ward off threats and issues.   The seven year Mars period will highlight advances in Israel’s military, technology, engineering, medicine and science domains as well.